Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Bridal shower games and activities are a must. Some of them are ice breakers, designed especially for people who are unfamiliar with each other. Other activities will make everyone laugh and will let guests spend quality time together.

The selection of games and activities depends on the type of guests invited and the bridal shower theme. All of them need to serve a purpose – giving guests a chance to know the bride better or to learn something new about her or about each other.

Trivia Quizzes
Prepare a quiz including questions about the bride-to-be: her childhood, some of the funniest moments of her life, her love stories and the manner in which she felt in love with her future husband.

Let the guests sit comfortably and start asking the questions. You will have to prepare a small award for the person who manages to guess most of the answers.

Refrain from including any embarrassing episodes from the biography of the bride-to-be. The aim of this game is to let guests have fun while answering questions about the bride-to-be, rather than to get her embarrassed.

Two Truths and a Lie
This game is a wonderful ice breaker that will let the guests get to know each other better. Have all the ladies seated in a circle. Once they feel comfortable and ready, explain the rules of the game.

Each lady in the room has to make three personal statements. Two of them are truth and one is a lie.

Other guests attending the bridal shower will have to guess which statement is a lie. The game has no winner. The aim of it is to let people share something personal and learn about the other people that the bride-to-be loves and cherishes.

Culinary-Themed Bridal Shower
A culinary-themed bridal shower gives guests a chance to cook and to share their favorite recipes.

Get guests preparing some fun meal together. It can be a simple one, there is no need to turn the bridal shower into a complicated culinary event.

Instead of cooking, guests could be sharing their favorite recipes with each other and with the bride-to-be. Let everyone know that at least one recipe needs to be brought to the party. Give guests the options to explain and share their cooking tricks.

Another option is to let visitors make cocktails. Have all of the ingredients available and make recipe cards. Glasses, shakers and other cocktail-making equipment will be necessary, as well.

Make Some Videos
Have a video camera set up in a corner of the hall or in a separate smaller room. It will be there for a special purpose.

As the bridal shower progresses, have each guest stand in front of the camera and say something little addressing the bride-to-be and her groom. It could be a wish or a sentimental statement.

Once the party ends, have the videos edited and put together. The video resulting from this activity will be something that the bride-to-be will enjoy forever. You can also make a photo album in a similar manner.

Games and activities are very important for a successful bridal shower. Select activities that correspond to the age and preferences of guests. Have at least several activities prepared in advance to let everyone have fun.

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