Funny Bridal Shower Gifts

Coming up with a bridal shower gift could be a difficult task. It takes some creativity and knowledge of the bride-to-be’s taste and preferences. Are you trying to select an original and intriguing gift? Thinking of something funny is the best way to go.

Funny bridal shower gifts will certainly be memorable and noticeable. Your sense of humor should remain gentle and balanced, in order to make the bride-to-be happy.

Looking for funny bridal shower gift ideas? Here are several intriguing suggestions that will certainly turn out to be unique and very original. Before choosing any of them, decide whether the bride-to-be will understand and like it.

Wedding Day Survival Kit
The wedding day survival kit is one of the most commonly given fun gifts. As its name suggests, this set contains items that the bride-to-be may need and use during her wedding day. Apart from humorous, the wedding day survival kit could be really useful.

Get a beautiful box and fill it with items that will be both practical and bringing a smile to the face of the bride-to-be.

A wedding day survival kit could contain a sewing kit, hair spray, a spare garter, mints, lip balm, condoms, a bottle of water and anything else that you can think of. Try to have a selection of fun items and ones that the bride-to-be may really need.

Add a cute greeting card and a personal note to explain what the gift is all about. Your wedding day survival kit is ready.

T-Shirts and Personalized Items
Personalized items are another tremendous option. Many companies and party supply stores create personalized T-shirts, coffee mugs, key chains and other items that you would like to add a slogan or a visual to.

You can create a set of matching T-shirts for the bride-to-be and her future husband. One of the T-shirts could say “property of the bride” and the other will respectively state “property of the groom.” Any fun and cute slogan will do just fine. You will only have to know the size of the bride-to-be and her significant other.

Coffee mugs can be personalized, as well. You can add a beautiful photo of the bride-to-be and her closest friends. Any fun and cute slogan that you can come up with will be appropriate as well.

Towels and Pillow Cases
Fun towels and pillow cases are sold in various online stores. Just browse through those to discover the ones that look best.

Such items can be either funny or romantic. Think about the bride-to-be’s preferences and choose the message that will make her happiest. Many such pillow cases come with beautiful cartoon-type images presenting love in a fun and really charming way.

Aprons and towels have also been created for the brides-to-be that have sense of humor. Picking such gifts will be both fun and very easy.

Naughty Gifts
Naughty gifts are also bridals shower favorites. These target the sexual life of the bride-to-be and her loved one. In addition, such presents have the potential to make everyone giggle.

Several types of naughty games are available in stores. These typically ask people to be daring and to do some wild things in the intimate world. Beautiful and sexy lingerie is another option that you can make use of.

Fun gifts are an original way to express your love for the bride-to-be. Choose carefully. It has to be intelligent and carrying a specific message. Your humorous gift will be a success if it corresponds to the character of the bride-to-be.

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