Fun Bridal Shower Games

A bridal shower turns into a wonderful event through the selection of the right games and activities that will keep guests entertained and will add to the appeal of the party.

Games have to be selected to correspond to the preferences and interests of most guests. Some people will be uncomfortable with more frivolous activities and the ones that have a naughty character.

Various games will always be fun and entertaining. Choose among those to ensure the success of the party and to be certain that everyone is having a good time.

Bridal Shower Family Feud
Family Feud is a favorite game of many people. Trying to guess popular answers tickles the curiosity of people. Having a bridal shower Family Feud round is a great way to break the ice and to entertain guests.

Various websites contain statistics and fun fact about weddings. Go through these pieces of information and choose the most interesting ones to write questions.

Have a questions round and ask people about the wedding statistics you had previously selected. Allocate specific points to each answer and have someone to help you and to keep track of the game results.

A finals round should be played between the two ladies who have achieved the highest score. Prepare some little and fun gift for the winner, in order to make the competition even more intriguing.

How Well do You Know the Bride?
Another fun game involves questions related to the bride-to-be. Prepare questions about her childhood, teenage years, student life, romantic past, career and character. Get her to answer each of these questions.

During the bridal shower, you can stage a game by asking guests the very same questions. The game will help you determine the person that knows the bride-to-be best.

How Well does the Bride Know the Groom?
This game is a fun one and it demonstrates how well the bride and groom know each other.

To get prepared, you will have to ask the groom a number of personal questions before the bridal shower takes place. Choose aspects of life that are personal and known solely by closest people.

Record the answers and during the bridal shower ask the bride-to-be the same questions. The number of correct answers that she gets will demonstrate how well the future bride knows the man she is about to marry.

Pass the Bouquet
Pass the bouquet is a classical type of game that can be modified to correspond to the bridal shower. Have a beautiful bouquet ordered from a flower store. It can resemble the bouquet that the bride-to-be would have during the wedding or it can be similar to the bridal shower decorations.

The game is played like musical chairs. Have guests sitting in a circle and passing the bouquet to each other. Music should be playing in the background. Stop the music at random intervals. The person holding the bouquet when the music stops will be leaving the game. Play until a winner emerges.

Guess the Groom
Ask the groom to come to the party for half an hour. You can also ask him to bring some of his male friends along.

Blindfold the bride-to-be and give her the chance to touch each of the men present at the bridal shower. Using her hands solely, the bride-to-be will have to guess which man is her future husband.

This game is exceptionally fun and it will have everyone bursting into laughter.

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