Fun Bridal Shower Prizes

Apart from having to select bridal shower games, you will also have to decide on the prizes that the winners will receive. The prize is designed to stimulate bridal shower guests and to get them participating very actively in the games.

Bridal shower prizes can be very small, yet symbolical. Pick items that will make people happy and that are relatively inexpensive. The main aim of games is to let guests have fun rather than to provide them with large prizes.

Here are several prize suggestions that will help you schedule the most amazing bridal shower games. Keep in mind that the price is relatively unimportant. The emotional value of the award will play bigger role.

Framed Photographs
A photo frame or a framed photograph is an amazing option when it comes to the selection of bridal shower game prizes.

When it comes to the selection of the photo, it could be the happy couple or the bride-to-be with her closest friends. In order to make it extra special, have a written message by the bride-to-be added to the photograph.

A photo frame is suitable, as well. Most people need at least one more.

Cosmetic Products
Women love to pamper themselves. A goody bag filled with cosmetic products is a wonderful prize option.

The types of products to include depend entirely on your preferences. You can purchase handmade soap, bath salts, lip balm or lipstick. A small perfume bottle is another good option but you will have to be careful about the selection of the fragrance.

Bath gel, body lotion or any other form of makeup will be nice, as well.

A Bottle of Wine or Champagne
Everybody fancies a nice glass of wine. Red, white or champagne – it depends entirely on your personal decision.

Have several bottles of some quality wine available. You can let winners make their selection or you can pick the same brand.

Handmade Jewelry
Handmade pieces of jewelry can also be used as bridal shower game prizes. It does not have to be something expensive and luxurious.

Jewelry made of silver, semi-precious stones, beads and mother-of-pearl looks fancy and exquisite. Have fun picking the most appropriate pieces – necklaces, bracelets, earring or rings.

Personalized Gifts
You can have coffee mugs or T-shirts available for the needs of game winners.

A personalized gift is something fun and memorable. Guests will certainly enjoy such prizes and will have fun showing them off. Have an intriguing or hilarious slogan printed on these personalized items.

Personalized gifts are inexpensive. Nearly any party decorations company could prepare such. If you choose to make T-shirts, have several universal sizes available, as well as a number of extra small and extra large T-shirts.

Remember that bridal shower game prizes are designed to help guests have even more fun. Make them witty, memorable and very emotional. This is the best way to approach the issue and to make sure that game winners will appreciate the items that they receive.

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