Fun Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal shower gifts need to be memorable, practical and something that the young couple will keep on using in the future. When picking an item, you can adopt a practical, emotional or a fun approach.

Fun bridal shower gifts are both usable and entertaining. It needs to be something that will make the bride-to-be smile and that will be connected to hundreds of positive emotions. You will have to think carefully about fun gifts, since these have to remain tasteful.

Here are several fun bridal shower gift ideas that you can make use of and that are very likely to please the bride-to-be.

Sexy Lingerie
Lingerie will always be a suitable bridal shower gift item. Make it luxurious and very tempting. Most women would love to have some exceptionally sexy lingerie but spending too much on it seems impractical.

When buying lingerie, you need to be certain of your loved one’s size. Pick colors and materials that she likes.

A Travel Experience
Send the bride-to-be on a trip. A travel voucher or a vacation will certainly make her feel happy.

Try to get a vacation without a fixed date. The bride-to-be and her groom will probably do some travel during their honeymoon. Make sure that the voucher you get can be used after some time.

Pick an exotic destination or a thematic travel. It can be something extreme, it could be cultural tourism or a trip abroad. You certainly have an idea about the places that she wants to visit. Make one of her wishes come true.

Something Handmade, Something Customized
Use your own sense of humor and create the bridal shower gift yourself. If you have difficulties making an item on your own, you can user the services of a company to create a customized gift.

A T-Shirt or a cup having some statement written on it will always be fun. Sexiest Bride, Future Mrs. (name of groom) or any other slogan idea that you get could be implemented.

Make the gift yourself. A photo album, for example, is a wonderful idea. Select pictures that trace the relationship you have with the bride-to-be. Try to get a hold of her childhood photos and the ones that show how her love story evolved. Decorate it and use fun captions to make the album extra special.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

A wedding day survival kit is something fun and useful that every bride-to-be will need.

Get a goodie bag and fill it with all kinds of useful items that a lady will need during that very special day. Just think of the items that will come in handy for a bride – nail polish, hair spray, pins, lipstick and band aid. It can also include a note listing survival tips or your wishes for the wedding day.

A fun gift is easy to make as long as you know the bride-to-be. Try to make it very personal and very cute. This is your chance to express all the sentiments you have for her. Enjoy picking the gift and making a loved one happy.

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