Free Bridal Shower Games

A bridal shower could be an expensive type of party to organize. You will have to think about venue booking, invitations, menu and decorations.

Paying for bridal shower games and activities will affect your budget even more. Many hostesses prefer free bridal shower games and activities. You have numerous options available, even if you are unwilling to spend on activities.

Free bridal shower games will require no preparations or these could be easily created by yourself. You can keep guests entertained without spending a fortune on materials and supplies for party activities.

Bridal Shower Family Feud
Family Feud is a favorite game of so many people. Use internet to get statistics and curious facts about engagements and weddings. This information will help you stage a Bridal Shower Family Feud tournament.

Divide guests into several teams and ask the questions. You will have to assign specific points to each answer on the basis of popularity. The final round will be a battle between the two teams that have managed to get most points.

Famous Couples
This is a fun game that will be very easy to carry out.

Prepare a list of famous couples – they could be celebrities, characters in plays and movies or fictional personalities.

During the bridal shower, give guests the name of one of the people in the couple and have them saying who the second person is. The person who guesses most famous couples will win.

Design a Wedding Dress
If you want to give guests a chance to get all creative, have them making wedding dresses.

For the aim, divide the guests into two or three teams. Each team should receive the same materials – rolls of toilet paper, glue, tape, safety pins, paper and a sewing kit.

Try to have the teams positioned in a way so that they would not be seeing the works of others. In half an hour each team should present a wedding dress design achieved through the usage of solely the materials provided.

The bride-to-be will be the judge and she will determine the winners of this game.

Guess the Spice
Guess the Spice is a nice game for a kitchen or a culinary-themed bridal shower. Put different spices in cups – have at least 10 of them available. Blindfold guests and give each lady a chance to smell the spices.

Guests should then use pen and paper to write down the names of the spices they have just smelled. Naturally, the person who gets most spices right is the winner of this game.

How Well do You Know the Bride?
This fun game gets guests and involved and challenges them to show how well they know the bride-to-be. Its name is quite self-explanatory and the game is very easy to organize and to moderate.

Ask the bride-to-be various questions in advance. They should target numerous aspects of her life – favorite activities, movies, books, childhood memories, family, career, university years and love life.

Record all of the answers. Ask the guests these very same questions and see how well they know the bride-to-be. The person who gets most answers right becomes the winner of the game.

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