Bridal shower food ideas

Coming up with the best bridal shower menu leaves room for creativity and lets you demonstrate your good taste.

You have hundreds of options when it comes to the selection of the best bridal shower foods. When thinking about foods, you need to decide whether to have a buffet, whether to serve a main course and what types of desserts will be appropriate.

The issue can be approached from several angles. Follow the theme and use your creativity to create a balanced and palatable menu.

Appetizers and Salads

The starters you select are the introduction. These must make an excellent first impression. Appetizers can be both tasty and pleasantly looking. They can enhance the decorations and help for the perfect atmosphere.

Have a variety of salads. Everybody loves at least one type. Two or three salads will do just fine but you can include even more options, when it comes to starters.

Petit sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms, dips, cheese platters or seafood platters will also do fine. It is important to have several types. Make sure that the appetizers follow the theme. Sometimes, serving appetizers could even be inappropriate – an afternoon party demands cookies and coffee.

Main Courses

The main course has to be entirely theme-based.

If the theme is Italy and romance, serve pasta and wine. Chinese or oriental foods will be appropriate for other types of parties.

Most people are comfortable with chicken dishes. You can offer several varieties to satisfy the preferences of all guests.

Make sure that you have at least one vegetarian main course available. Stewed vegetables or a vegetable crème soup are two good options.

Keep in mind that a dinner main course will be different from a lunch bridal shower. A dinner is more formal, while the atmosphere at the lunch could be kept leisurely.

If you want to surprise the guests, you can serve at least one untraditional meal that they can try. Anything exotic will be a fresh little diversion from the typical menu.

Desserts and Beverages

To make the menu complete, you need to select a diversity of desserts and beverages.

Bridal shower desserts include fruits, cookies, ice cream, cupcakes and candies. These can be served alongside the bridal shower cake or instead of it. Some of the desserts can be personalized and could even feature writings and decorations that fit into the theme.

You have numerous options when it comes to beverages. Wine is a good option that goes well with nearly each main course. You can even make it central to the theme, holding a wine tasting. Beer might be good for a more relaxed party. Other beverages can include sodas, fresh juices, coffee and tea.

Some alcoholic beverages will be inappropriate. Keep strong drinks like vodka out of the menu. If you are having a beach-themed bridal shower, you can offer a diversity of cocktails. To make the party more entertaining, hire a bartender who will prepare cocktails in a very attractive manner.

Once again, the food selections need to correspond to the theme of the party. Try to decorate the foods in a manner that makes them both attractive and delicious. Diversity is the one thing that you need to achieve. Each guest should find at least several pleasant and enjoyable types of foods.

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