Bridal shower flower goblet centerpieces

Flower goblets come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them are plain, others are decorated elaborately. The goblet can be made of various materials – glass, wood, metal. Its shape and beauty turn it into a wonderful table centerpiece item.

You can use your creativity to turn a flower goblet into a beautiful bridal shower centerpiece. More elaborated goblets are beautiful enough on their own. If you get plain ones, you can use flowers, candles and other items to come up with stylish table centerpieces.

Get the Right Goblets and Have an Idea

Before you purchase the goblets that you will use in the creation of the centerpieces, you need to come up with a specific idea. Knowing what you want to achieve will help you determine what type of flower goblets you need.

Goblets made of colored glass are very delicate and beautiful. Some of them are sufficiently artistic to be presented on their own. Decide whether you want a simple centerpiece or something more complex that will test your craft skills.

Have an idea about the goblet that you want to purchase. Once you know what it is, you can start visiting stores to see what they have to offer.

Flower Goblet Candle Centerpieces

Placing a candle inside a beautiful goblet is the easiest and simplest way to craft a centerpiece on your own.

The advantage of this idea is that it requires no special skills or the purchase of numerous items. Further, you can come up with a number of decorations to make it more special and unusual.

Place a simple tealight inside the goblet. For best results, you will need a glass goblet or one that is made of a transparent material.

An alternative is to create a floating candle flower goblet holder. Pour water into the goblet. You can use some kind of dye to change the color of water. Place a tealight inside to turn the simple flower goblet into a beautiful decorative centerpiece.

Using goblets for the creation of gel candles is another option. Once again, get transparent flower goblets as gel wax is aesthetically pleasing and the candle centerpiece will be beautiful to look at.

Flower Goblet as Flower Holder

A flower goblet can be turned into a vase. Place a single flower or a small bouquet inside to turn it into a floral centerpiece.

A goblet can also be filled with dried flowers and leaves. It will be aromatic and pretty to look at. You can also scatter petals around the flower goblet to have a trendy and plain centerpiece. An alternative is to scatter confetti or beads around the goblet.

Instead of having floating candles, have a single flower float inside a goblet. It will symbolize purity, innocence and femininity.

Turn a glass flower goblet upside down. Place a single flower inside it. The goblet itself can be decorated or you can purchase one that has an intricately crafted glass stem.

Any other materials like ribbons and lace can be utilized to change the appearance of the flower goblet and to turn it into a table centerpiece.

Flower goblets can be utilized in a number of creative ways to make bridal shower centerpieces. You can place nearly anything inside the goblet to create beautiful patterns. Try to balance the intricacy of the glass itself with the usage of other decorations. Otherwise you risk ending up with a centerpiece that is too flashy.

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