Bridal Shower Flower Decoration Ideas

Flowers are a classical bridal shower decoration option. At the same time, the diversity of flowers available and the hundreds of arrangements that can be achieved make each floral decorative piece unique and memorable.

You have decided to use flowers for the bridal shower decorations. Once you make this decision, you will have to get involved in some more brainstorming. What types of flowers do you want? Are you going to make centerpieces, flower arches or other types of decorations? Will you use other decorative materials alongside the flowers?

One Color
Monochromatic decorations add sophistication and style to the bridal shower ambience. You can select several types of flowers, as long as they have the same color and nuance.

The flower decorations can have the same color as tablecloths, curtains and other decorative items. If you want to achieve contrast, you can pick a different shade. If the decorations are white, you will make a statement by picking red flowers. Blue and white will look beautiful alongside each other, as well.

All floral decorations have to be in the same color. If you want to achieve the best results, you should probably pick one type of flowers to use in the decorative elements.

Consistency in All Decorations
If you have decided to make bold decorations, it would be unwise to pick gentle and delicate flowers. Instead of selecting violets and snowdrops, pick larger and more expressive flowers like cala-lilies and irises.

Consistency in all decorations is essential for creating atmosphere and giving the party a character. Even if you mix materials, you will have to select colors and textures that go well together.

Flowers will go well with sating tablecloths, candles and ribbons. If you choose flowers and balloons, you may get the room too crowded. Have one prominent element. Flowers are beautiful enough to be focal to your decorations.

Unusual Arrangements
Instead of making traditional bouquets and bunches of flowers, you can go for more atypical and original arrangements.

Get a large red wine glass and have a flower floating in it. You can even get larger bowls and submerge flowers and petals inside the water.

Combine flowers and other natural materials for the centerpieces. You can use pebbles and feathers to make beautiful patterns. Still, remember to keep the floral elements prominent, even if you have tried to make the decorations more original.

Dried flowers will look stylish, as well. Such centerpieces and decorations will take more time and will demand professional preparation but you will surprise all the guests by having something so unusual at the bridal shower.

Potted Flowers
Flower bouquets are beautiful but you will have to throw away all these beautiful decorations once the party is over.

Potted flowers are a viable alternative. Once the bridal shower ends, these can be planted in a garden instead of thrown away.

Have potted tulips as the centerpieces. Decorate the pot or use a fancier container to turn it into a work of art. You can even use a glass or other transparent pot and eco-soil. Eco-soil comes in various colors and looks very stylish and fancy.

When making bridal shower flower decorations, you can confidently go beyond the obvious. Use your imagination and play around with the materials. Know your colors and think about the best types of flowers to use. Have fun and enjoy the scent and freshness of your presentation.

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