Bridal shower finger food ideas

If you want to organize a relaxed bridal shower and to encourage guests to interact and have fun, you can rely on finger foods.

A buffet table featuring numerous finger foods looks abundant and splendid. People will be encouraged to walk around, to try the different appetizers and to simultaneously socialize.

Finger foods can be purchased or easily made at home. A finger food bridal shower menu will go easy on the budget, leaving you with more funds to spend on decorations or favors. Remember to offer a variety of finger foods in order to truly impress guests and the bride-to-be.

Bridal Shower Platters

Platters are easy to make and very beautiful. They add diversity and can be arranged in tremendous ways.

You can arrange nearly any type of platter that you can come up with. The most popular are cheese and meat platters. Order various types of cheeses – yellow cheese, feta, emmentaler, gauda and anything else that you want to add to the variety.

Seafood platters can make it a bit more exotic.

Remember to add a fresh vegetable platter. It can include slices and sticks of various vegetables including carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Finger sandwiches

Finger sandwiches come in various shapes and sizes and their filling can include a diversity of ingredients.

You can experiment with the shapes of finger sandwiches. These are traditionally triangular but you can use cookie cutters to make them more unusual.

Use different types of bread. Have various fillings – egg salad, ham, cheese, tuna, roast beef and mozzarella. Offer a diversity of meat sandwiches and several types suitable for vegetarians.

To decorate your finger sandwiches, you can use olives, peppers, tomato and lettuce.

Fresh Nuts and Fruits

Add a healthy option to your finger foods buffet.

Fresh nuts are very tasty and exceptionally healthy. They should feature among your choices in case your guests are health-aware. Include almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio and walnuts to the mixture.

Fruits should also be present. You can play around with the colors of fruits or cut them in beautiful shapes to supplement the decorations.

Rolls and Mini Pizzas

Rolls can be ranked among the most preferred finger foods.

Roll ham and insert a filling made of cream cheese. Spring rolls are another favorite.

Mini-pizzas will also be a good idea. Select a type that includes ham, a cheese-based pizza and a seafood option.

Sweets and Dessert Finger Foods

You can add several sweet options to the buffet.

Chocolate-covered fruits like strawberries are a classical recipe that will never go out of fashion.

Cupcakes are an amazing finger food option. These come in various flavors and provide a personalization option. Experiment with the icing and decorations in order to make the cupcakes extra special and unique for the bridal shower you are holding.

To have a completely amazing buffet, include candy and cookies. Chocolate candies feature among the favorites of most women. These can be personalized, as well. For example, have the bride-to-be’s initials printed on top of the candy.

Finger foods are very appropriate for some kinds of bridal showers. In other instances, these can be good appetizers. Decide whether finger foods are the best option for your needs and have fun while working on the complete menu.

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