What is a Fairytale Bridal Shower Theme?

You want to make a bride-to-be happy, since you are the person organizing her bridal shower. This is a great opportunity but a large responsibility, as well. So many options are available. When making a selection, you need to take into consideration the preferences of the bride-to-be and the type of guests who will be attending the bridal shower. Everybody needs to feel comfortable and happy with the choices you have made.

A fairytale-themed shower will be appropriate if you want to offer the bride-to-be an island of carefree sentiments and relaxation. Helping her go back to her childhood will touch her and make her feel good amidst the wedding anxiety and worries.

Now that you know what theme you desire, it is time to start planning and thinking about venue, decorations and favors.

When is Such a Theme Appropriate?
The fairytale bridal shower theme will be appropriate in certain instances and out of place in other occasions.

Fairytale themes are suitable for younger audiences and the closest friends of the bride-to-be. Having such a childish theme could be inappropriate if the bride-to-be wants colleagues and other professional acquaintances present during the party.

Venue Selection
Selecting the right venue is essential. The place needs to convey a dreamy atmosphere and should be immediately associated to fairytale, princesses and great romance. What does it take?

You can hold the bridal shower in a park or a beautiful garden. Lanterns, flower arches and candles will certainly make the garden party something extra-special. Another option is choosing a castle or a castle-like building that can be transformed into a magical palace.

Choosing the Right Fairytale
You have selected the venue and you know that a fairytale-themed bridal shower will be held. Do you want it to be a general one or are you going to select a specific fairytale to recreate through decorations?

Picking a specific fairytale will make it easier for you to look for special party decorations and supplies. A general theme, however, will demand solely the creation of a dreamy atmosphere.

If you are going to pick a specific fairytale, make sure that it is the bride-to-be’s favorite one. Most party supply stores have everything that you will need, especially if you are going to focus on Disney characters.

Use the Decorations Wisely
Now that you know what you are doing, you can truly unleash your creative potential. Make it as magical and dreamy as you want it to be. The theme gives you a chance to use exaggerated and overly ornate decorations. Spare no effort.

Have as many flowers and candles as the room can accommodate. Make sure your table centerpieces are extra-special. The napkins and tableware could feature a fairytale character or any image that is relevant.

Be careful when organizing a fairytale-themed bridal shower. Getting carried away may turn it into something kitsch rather than something classy. Though the theme can be amazingly successful, it has to be chosen carefully. Some guests may feel uncomfortable with childish activities and decorations. Think whether you are going to embarrass anyone and if the answer is negative – go ahead and make the fairytale real.

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