Easy to Make Bridal Shower Favors

You want your bridal shower favors to be memorable and distinguishable. You are tired of the items offered in stores, each one resembling hundreds of others.

To deal with the problem, you can create the bridal shower favors yourself. The process is easy and enjoyable even if you are not really into crafts.

Homemade bridal shower favors are very special since they will let guests take home a piece of your personality. They demonstrate that consideration and creativity have been put into the process.

Why Make Your Own Bridal Shower Favors?

Some people wonder why they should bother to make bridal shower favors when a diversity of beautiful objects can be bought nearly everywhere.

A homemade favor is much more personal than something produced in a factory.

Such favors can be more original and touching. They show that each person has been thought about. Homemade bridal shower favors demonstrate the fact that someone has taken the time to create a little token of respect and love. Could anything be better than that?

Candles and Candle Holders

Homemade candles can be created effortlessly.

The simplest way is to purchase plain candles and to decorate them using a medley of small objects like beads, sea shells and ribbons.

Creating homemade scented candles is another option but the process will take more time than simply decorating a candle. You will need to melt wax and once it turns to liquid, you can add essential oils or dried flower petals.

The good part of it is that you can make the candle a really beautiful one. Adding flowers, leaves or aromatic bark pieces to the wax will make the candle aromatic and attractive at the same time. You can also use food colorings to achieve even better effect.

Once you have put the ingredients together, you can pour the wax in a mold or in a jar, which will hold the candle.

Allow the wax to cool down for at least 24 hours before removing from the mold. If the candle is in a jar, you can decorate the glass to make it more personalized.

Bridal Shower Card

A beautifully crafted bridal shower card holding a personal message is another amazing favor idea.

The card can be made to correspond to the theme of the party. If it is a romantic one, you can use silk and lace to create a heart. Tie the card with a ribbon. Write a personal message dedicated to each guest.

If you are an artistic person, you can draw the cards yourself. It takes more time but the favor will be one to remember.

Personalized Jewelry Box

A plain little box can turn into an amazing bridal shower jewelry box.

You can decorate a box in any way you find appropriate. Paint it. Stick beautiful little stones to the exterior. Use velvet to coat the box from the inside.

Adding the name of the bride-to-be and the date at which the shower was held will make the gift even more personal and special. Unleash your creativity and turn the little, boring box into a masterpiece.

Following these strategies you can come up with a number of easy to make bridal shower favors. You can bake special muffins and focus on a unique topping. You can create personalized fridge magnets. Making body scrubs or homemade body lotions is appropriate, if you know how to produce such pampering products.

You will certainly impress the guests through the creation of personalized favors. Such gifts show how much you care and love these people. Once you see their surprise and pleasure, you will know that every bit of effort has been worth it.

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