Bridal Shower Drink Recipes

Fruit punch is a popular drink recipe for any bridal shower or party. But if you feel like doing something unique, here are a few recipes that your guests will be sure to remember.

Grapefruit – Lychee Drink

This unique combination of grapefruit and lychee juice creates a refreshing and sweet drink. Get the following ingredients:

1/3 Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice

1/3 Lychee Juice

1/3 Aloe Vera Juice

For the Ruby Red grapefruit juice, use the fresh kind that comes in a box at your grocery store cooler instead of the bottled kind. Lychee juice is harder to come by, but Whole Foods has it available in a box or you can purchase online. Aloe Vera juice is reputed to be a healthy drink with many benefits. It is what gives this drink it’s sweetness. Mix all three ingredients together and you can also add bubble tea jelly, tapioca pearls, or aloe vera bits. A great refreshing and sweet drink for any time of the year, especially summer.

Avocado Smoothie

Get the following ingredients:

1 Haas avocado

Vanilla Ice Cream

Crushed Ice

Condensed Milk

Cut the avocado in half. You will use half an avocado for each drink. Scoop out the avocado meat and place it in a blender. Add one scoop of vanilla ice cream and some crushed ice. Get about a half cup of condensed milk and pour it in. Blend everything together and you will have a creamy delicious avocado shake. This is a fantastic drink for the summer time.

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