Do It Yourself Bridal Shower Favors

Who says that you have to purchase bridal shower favors? In fact, these can easily be created at home. Some people worry that do it yourself bridal shower favors might look unprofessional. The truth is that a simple idea can be executed in a tremendous manner, without being significantly different from a store-bought item.

If you lack ideas, you can easily go through a store catalog. Most of the items found there can be recreated effortlessly in the comfort of your own home.

Jars and Containers

Jars and containers are attractive, useful and highly personalizable.

All you need is a plain jar that can be used for cookies, spices or other cooking supplies. A simple plastic or glass jar can be decorated and transformed into a beautiful souvenir that will serve as a memory of the wonderful party.

Decorate containers in any way you find appropriate. Use ribbons, beads, glitter, paint and anything else you think is attractive.

A good idea will be to add the name of the bride and the date when the bridal shower was held. These can be easily listed on the lid of the jar, so that the writing does not interfere with the decorations.

Notes and Cards

Personal cards will also make bridal shower guests happy. These give you the chance to be very creative and to provide each lady with a wonderful and touching message.

Use parchments, a message in a bottle, posters or other kinds of artwork to write something and to present the message in a beautiful manner. The message itself could be computer-printed, while other decorations may be added by hand.

Get the bride-to-be to address her guests. Your contribution will be putting this message on paper and turning it into a bridal shower favor.


Candles come in many shapes and sizes. They can be made of wax or gel wax. A candle can stand on its own or it can be placed in a container.

Candles are very easy to make and feature among the bridal shower favors that can be perfectly customized and personalized.

A candle can be colored or scented. To make a candle you will need a double boiler, wax, a wick, dye or scent. The process is intuitive and simple. Once the candle is made, it can be customized and made exceptionally beautiful, elegant and special.

Cookies, candies and cupcakes

Sweets can be wonderful bridal shower favors.

Select a special family recipe or anything that is atypical and untraditional. Another option is to play around with a typical recipe and to turn it into something special and very individual.

Cookies and cupcakes can be decorated in wonderful manners. You can use the icing, chocolate flakes or cream to make sweet decorations. Placing each cookie, candy or cupcake in a container will make it even more special.

If you have the imagination and courage to experiment, you can come up with amazing do it yourself bridal shower favors.

Consider something untraditional. Create jewelry, key chains and photo frames for your guests.

Do it yourself bridal shower favors demonstrate attitude and special respect for all the ladies attending the party. Such favors give you the chance to be very original and to create something unique. It is important to get a good idea and to think of the best manner in which the favor can be made. Once you achieve that, you will have no problems when it comes to the creation of the favor itself.

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