Destination Bridal Shower Theme

A destination bridal shower sounds unusual and it certainly is something different from all traditional alternatives. What exactly is it? The bride-to-be and her closest friends travel to a favorite destination for a weekend or few days of fun and relaxation.

Planning a destination bridal shower could be more challenging than having a traditional party. It certainly involves organization skills and more preparation in advance. If you want to hold this type of party, you will need to think of the following aspects.

Have a Small Group of People Invited to the Party
A destination bridal shower will certainly be more expensive than a simple bridal shower. Because of the increased expenditure, you need to think about the guest list very carefully.

Try to keep the number of guests limited. Select the bride-to-be’s closest friends and relatives. The group has to remain tiny and manageable. Organizing a trip for 50 people will certainly be an amazing challenge.

At the same time, do your best to include all important ladies in the life of the bride-to-be. Forgetting about her favorite cousin or a close friend will be a bad mistake that may ruin the appeal of the party.

Plan expenditure carefully. You will need to consider travel expenses, accommodation and the party itself.

Pick a Destination
You have decided to send the bride-to-be on a trip. You will have to ask yourself one important question – which destination will be most appropriate.

A group of girls can certainly have fun at the beach or in Vegas. You know the future  bride and you know her preferences. If she will feel more comfortable hiking and spending time in the mountains, these activities should probably be the focus of the event.

Apart from the destination, you should be considering activities. Is it going to be a spa trip or are you going to include some extreme adventures? If the bride-to-be is a free and untamed spirit, you may consider bungee jumping or rafting.

The options are limitless. Cultural tourism or a day at the spa – it is entirely up to you.

Accommodation and the party
Start contacting hotels as soon as you pick the destination. Inquire about group packages and the opportunities for hosting a party.

Some hotels will be more than happy to give you preferential prices for such a major event. Others will add extra activities or discount on the food and beverages. Have a list of hotels you are interested in and contact all of them before making up your mind.

Remember that accommodation is just as important as the party itself. The hotel should have a good restaurant or a private room that is suitable enough for a bridal shower.

A destination bridal shower could be an organization challenge but it will create memories for a lifetime. A trip will turn into a wonderful opportunity for girls to bond and to have fun. Remember that you will have to spend more time on planning but the final result will certainly be worth it. Take your time and explore all options in order to make an informed, good decision.

A destination bridal shower is trendy and fashionable. Instead of selecting a venue for the party, select a destination that the bride-to-be and her closest friends could go to.

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