Bridal shower desserts and dessert ideas

Traditions are changing constantly and this evolution is affecting bridal showers. The most typical type of dessert for a bridal shower is the cake. Today, you can experiment and add many other desserts to the buffet. The availability of a medley of desserts will add diversity, making your party even more exceptional.

Desserts you select have to be appropriate for the party and corresponding to the preferences of the bride-to-be. Have a variety of desserts available to keep all guests happy but try to keep the selection relevant to the theme.

Desserts Corresponding to the Bridal Shower Theme

The most appropriate dessert selection will correspond to the bridal shower theme. This correspondence could be evident in the decorations or in the type of desserts you select.

If your theme is love and romance, you can have chocolate covered fruits like strawberries, for example.

Ice cream is the most appropriate dessert for a beach themed bridal shower. You can serve thematic desserts alongside the bridal shower cake or instead of it. Make sure that the selection is balanced.

Cookies and Cupcakes

Small desserts are an excellent choice. Guests can try several types while interacting with each other and having fun.

Cookies and cupcakes will always be trendy. You can make these yourself or you can purchase them. Further, these types of desserts can have many designs and flavors to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest guests.

Cupcakes give you the option to select beautiful decorations and patterns. The icing can correspond to the tone of the bridal shower decorations, making this dessert both beautiful and tasty.

The Bridal Shower Cake

Having a cake is advisable though you can replace it with other desserts or have a smaller one alongside the cookies, fruits and ice cream that you serve.

The bridal shower cake gives you the chance to experiment in terms of design, decorations and flavor.

Make sure that the cake is big enough so that each guest gets a piece. Select a flavor that the bride-to-be prefers and make the decorations relevant.

Bridal shower cakes today can be in nearly any shape or size. You can either stick to a traditional cake or to something more unusual.


Fruits are a healthy and tasty type of dessert.

One amazing option is selecting fruits so that their color corresponds to the color of bridal shower decorations.

Everybody loves at least one type of fruit. Select several varieties and use the fruits both as a dessert and a decoration.

Serve Appropriate Beverages

Make sure that you serve both desserts and appropriate beverages. Most types of sweets go well with coffee.

You have many options when it comes to coffee – the beverage can play an important role, just like the dessert itself. Cappuccino, espresso, iced coffee or any other favorite variety will make your menu even more diversified.

Other options include tea, iced tea, water and fruit juices. The taste of the beverage needs to supplement the taste of the dessert.

When it comes to bridal shower desserts, you have numerous options. Select the sweets that correspond to the party theme and to the preferences of the guests. If your bridal shower is focused on health and well-being, it will be inappropriate to serve highly nutritional desserts. Make the selection appropriate and make sure that you offer something for every taste.

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