Couples Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Couples today enjoy many activities together. They have even transformed traditional bridal showers into events dedicated to all of their friends.

A couples bridal shower is a fun occasion that celebrates the love of two people and gives them the chance to unwind in intimate surroundings before the big day. Naturally, the party, the decorations and the invitation need to take into consideration the fact that the two are organizing it together.

The invitation can be creative, funny or romantic. Select the one that will correspond to the theme and that will appeal to both men and women.

Make It Fun

You can have serious fun when coming up with the design for a couples shower invitation.

You can select visuals that present his world and her world. It can be contrasting or complimenting. You can select the bride’s favorite activities and use visuals to depict those. The same applies to the hobbies and preferences of the groom.

A simple image of his towel and her towel on the invitation cover will make everyone smile.

You can also focus on the saying that ‘opposites attract.’ Select visuals that demonstrate how different the bride and groom is and yet focus on the love that they share for each other. Make sure that the characteristics are easily recognizable so that everyone will be able to relate to the message presented in the invitation.

If you want to make it a funny one, you can explore hundreds of nuances of the bride and groom’s relationship and personalities. Have fun with these and create a beautiful piece by contrasting and comparing.

Explore Male-Female Stereotypes

You can also make fun of male-female stereotypes to create a hilarious couples bridal shower invitation.

We all know the clichés associated to genders that get spoken of so often. Soccer, beer, military memories and bowling are all typical male attributes. PMS, gossiping, makeup and shopping are the stereotypical female characteristics.

Explore stereotypes. Exaggerate them. Have fun with the common notions that people have. You can even make stereotypes central to the bridal shower theme.

Though the invitation will be focused on stereotypes make sure that people understand you are making fun of those. Stimulate guests to open up their mind and forget about the clichés that society tries to impose on everyone.

Make The Invitation Romantic

A romantic invitation will appeal to both men and women. Instead of trying to be original and witty, you can dedicate it to the love that the bride and the groom have discovered.

Use traditional love symbols to decorate the invitation. Or even better, add a beautiful picture of the two people in love who are about to get married.
A romantic theme will be very appropriate. After all, the party is organized to honor love and the strong feelings that have brought two people together. It is a chance to celebrate together with close friends and loved ones before the wedding day arrives.

When thinking about the invitations for a couples bridal shower, you can adopt numerous approaches. They can be witty, funny, romantic or traditional. If you are uncertain, you can always focus on a safe theme that will be equally pleasant for all guests. Make use of ‘safe’ options if you lack knowledge about the preferences of the bride or the groom. Classical ideas are always appropriate.

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