Bridal shower confetti decorating tips

Confetti is usually thrown at newlyweds but these little pieces of paper and ribbon can also be utilized to decorate a bridal shower. These decorations are suitable for all types of parties, as they add some special mood to the event.

When it comes to confetti, the options are innumerable. Each bride-to-be can choose among hundreds of styles, colors and shapes. Some people remain skeptical about confetti but the truth is that these can create a truly festive atmosphere.

Different Shapes, Different Sizes

Confetti comes in all shapes and sizes. Some have been created especially for bridal showers and customized to correspond to the theme.

Bridal shower confetti is cut in the typical for the occasion shapes. You will discover hearts, umbrellas, wedding bells or the silhouettes of a bride and a groom.

They will also come in a multitude of colors. Some are silver and gold while others are jollier and funkier.

Examine a number of options if you have decided to use confetti as a bridal shower decoration. Your guests could either throw these in the air or you can sprinkle confetti on the tables to make them even prettier.

Consider Whether the Usage of Confetti is Appropriate

Before making a purchase stop for a minute and think if the usage of confetti as bridal shower decorations is appropriate.

If you have already selected a multitude of decorations including flowers, banners and customized tableware, you should probably refrain from adding confetti to the picture. Too much of anything will make it difficult for guests to spot the beautiful details that you have worked on.

In case you have limited decorations, you can sprinkle confetti around the place to enhance the ambiance.

Confetti Color Selection

As with all other decorative items, confetti should be selected carefully on the basis of color.

Pick the confetti that matches well other types of decorations. You would not be happy with excessive contrast or confetti that blends in too well. These have to be noticeable, yet unobtrusive.

Try to keep the bridal shower colors limited to two or three. This rule is applicable to all decorations. If everything else is pink and white, you should try to find confetti in the same shades.

Personalized Bridal Shower Confetti

If you want to take the idea a step further, you can try to come up with personalized bridal shower confetti. Some companies can create these for you. It is sufficient to carry out a simple web search in order to discover more about this option.

Personalized confetti could include shapes that you prefer or slogans and sayings that you like. You can even include your name and the name of your significant other. Confetti might also feature special, unique statements that you have written just for your guests.

Remember to have fun when coming up with bridal shower decorations. The process has to be entertaining rather than burdensome. Confetti can help you achieve a degree of lightness that your party needs in order to be successful. If you are open about the idea, you should certainly give it a try.

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