The Best Colors for Bridal Shower Decorating

Colors make a statement. The selection of appropriate colors is essential part of the bridal shower decoration process.

Each color conveys a message. The nuances you choose will enhance the theme of the party and will add to the aesthetic appeal of the overall atmosphere. Many people underestimate the importance of colors and pick the shades of the decorations without significant consideration.

Make a statement through the colors you select for bridal shower decorations. Their importance is tremendous.

Bridal Shower Theme and Colors

If your bridal shower theme is tropical island party, you will naturally stay away from dark shades, gray and black.

The colors have to correspond to the theme you have chosen. Some places and items bring specific associations to the mind of people. The beach is connected to yellow, blue and turquoise.

Autumn is usually described through the colors of tree leaves during that season – orange, red, brown, beige and yellow. Winter colors include blue, white, grey and silver.

Select colors that supplement the main theme and that will make it easy for guests to imagine the specific surroundings and thematic ideas.

Consistency in Bridal Shower Color Selection

Two or three colors are perfectly sufficient for bridal shower decorations. Picking more colors will turn the party into something inappropriately flashy and bright.

Once you select the shades, you need to apply those consistently to all bridal shower decorations. Stick to these colors in even tiny details. Consistency is what adds style and elegance to a bridal shower party.

Colors to Avoid

Some colors are perfectly inappropriate for bridal showers.

Black is one such color. Black is usually connected to death and thoughts of unpleasant occurrences. It should never make itself present during such a special and jolly event.

Avoid using boring colors. Grey is one such color. It is too neutral and unobtrusive to appear during such beautiful celebrations.

Be careful when using contrasting and very bold colors like red or dark purple. These are somehow aristocratic but should be used sparingly.

Bridal Shower Color Combinations

When selecting bridal shower decorations, you can either go for a single color or select a combination.

Color combinations add freshness and diversity. Select colors that compliment each other nicely. White should appear alongside a warm color that makes the room glow.

Contrasting colors are also acceptable if the contrast is there for a reason.

Bridal Shower Colors and Textures

Be careful when combining a number of colors and a number of textures. A color in combination with a texture conveys a certain message.

Try to limit the number of decoration textures, as well as the colors. Going for different patterns and different surfaces will take away some of the consistency that you strived so hard to achieve.

Try to have decorations made of the same material so that you have no contrasting textures. If the patterns are different, the items will appear distinguishable even if they are in the same color.

Color selection will enhance the bridal shower theme. For best results, pick the colors that will be used during the wedding. This will make the event even more connected to the big day that is just around the corner.

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