Bridal Shower Colors & Color Themes

Color themes are crucial as it subtly ensures that all the other important factors of the bridal shower party complement each other. Beautiful and attractive color components help to satisfy our sense of sight. However, with the availability of a literally unlimited number of color themes, selecting the ideal color themes can turn out to be a rather time-consuming, hectic and a time-consuming experience. With that in mind, here are some great ideas and tips when it comes to selecting the perfect color theme for a magnificent and memorable bridal shower party.

You can select one or more color theme on the basis of the season. For instance, if the bridal shower is taking place during the summer season, your choice of color theme should be those that are vibrant, cheerful and nostalgic. For example, color schemes of simple yellow and turquoise absolutely screams the summer beauty. By simply mixing elegant but affordable materials with the yellow and turquoise color accents, you can create some chic bridal shower decors without resulting in a significant dent of your wallet.

Flowers should be in the top of your list of decorating items. You can create beautiful and elegant flower wreaths and bouquets by using ribbons, tulles and various types of vibrant and beautiful flowers. Your table centerpieces can simply be a white glass vase containing a bunch of beautiful and colorful summer flowers tied together with a colorful tulle ribbon. In order to make the most out of the beautiful summer season, an outdoor bridal shower party is recommended.

On the other hand, if you are planning to host the bridal shower party during the spring season, you have more choice of color themes to experiment and play with. Spring is a time of exotic beauty and renewed energy and therefore, you should choose color theme(s) that are embedded with romantic, vibrant and earthly tones. For example, color themes of pink, green and aborigine will create a fabulous color combination that will not only make a dramatic statement but will leave the guests transfixed at the sheer beauty and elegance. Spring flowers should be a key part of your décor. Combine different shades of green, aborigine and pink to create beautifully balanced bouquets, wreaths, invitations and other forms of décor for the bridal shower party.

One or more color themes can also be chosen on the basis of the bride’s preferences. For instance, if the bride’s favorite color is red, you can use different shades of red colors to create a romantic, nostalgic and exotic atmosphere. Roses should be a key part of your décor. Let your creative juices and create bouquets, wreaths and other forms of décor with red roses and other red colored flowers. A simple but elegant table centerpiece can be a bunch of wrapped roses placed in a white glass vase. Incorporating red colored votive candles will add to the exotic atmosphere.

By simply using a little bit of creativity, you can incorporate color themes in the bridal shower in a truly unique and memorable way.

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