Bridal Shower Coffee Theme

A bridal shower coffee theme is a truly great idea for a bride-to-be that loves the aromatic, energizing drink.

You have so many options when organizing a bridal shower coffee theme. Naturally, coffee has to be the focus of the party. Yet, you have many options when coming up with decorations, venue ideas and favors.

Let guests know that the bridal shower will focus on coffee. Choose a font that looks like handwriting – you can be revealing an old, secret recipe to your guests. Create a story, use your fantasy to make the invitation truly intriguing.

Visuals can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be a cup of cappuccino. Coffee beans are another great option. A jar of grounded coffee could turn into the visual decorating your invitation, as well.

A coffee-themed bridal shower should be held in the morning or the early afternoon. Indicate the date, the hour and the venue. Refrain from holding the celebration in the evening, since some people may feel uncomfortable with that timing.

Venue Selection
Venue selection depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to have professionals preparing foods and drinks, you should probably organize the bridal shower in a café or a coffee store.

Go to your local café and find out if it can be booked for the bridal shower.

You can hold the bridal shower at home but in this instance you will have to do more work on food and drink selection. You can use the services of a catering company, which will make it easier for you.

You can hold a coffee-themed bridal shower anywhere. The menu is much more important than the place.

Food and Drinks
Organizing the bridal shower at home signifies thinking about the menu and preparing some of the foods and the drinks on your own. Think carefully about it, so that you can purchase the right ingredients.

A good coffee machine is a must for this type of bridal shower. Get one that can make several types of coffee drinks – espresso, cappuccino, moccachino and decaffeinated coffee. Ice coffee and coffee punch is another great option.

Foods should be similar to those served in a café. Prepare brownies, cookies, cheesecake, finger sandwiches and other types of finger foods that will be suitable for breakfast or a snack. Croissants will add some elegance to your buffet table.

Make sure you have all other ingredients needed for the preparation of the drinks. Guests may like their coffee with milk, cream, sugar or sweetener. Have those available alongside water and fresh fruit juices.

A coffee-themed bridal shower should turn into a wonderful experience. Make sure you have purchased the finest coffee. People who love the aromatic drink differentiate one type of coffee from another. Do your homework and find out where you can purchase quality beans or grounded coffee.

This bridal shower is all about drink diversity. Do your best to offer the bride-to-be and the guests numerous options. It is all about coffee – try to have the entire menu revolving around that concept.

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