Bridal Shower Coffee Punch

Coffee! The favorite drink of so many people. Its variations, beautiful flavor and energizing effect turn coffee into something that millions of individuals can never go without.

Making coffee is a true ritual in itself. It is part of the early morning routine and it possesses nearly magical waking up qualities.

Are you the person responsible for organizing a bridal shower? Is the bride-to-be one of those people who are madly in love with coffee? How about surprising her with various types of coffee drinks and menu items?

Coffee punches are a great addition to the bridal shower buffet. They are a great summertime selection. Here are several recipes that you can choose among, if you have decided to include a coffee punch in the menu.

A Basic Coffee Punch
To prepare this basic and simple coffee punch, you will need five cups of freshly brewed coffee, two cups of milk, one pack of vanilla ice cream, one pack of chocolate ice cream, one teaspoon of vanilla and one cup of sugar. The ingredients are sufficient for the preparation of one bowl of punch.

In the bowl, mix coffee, milk, the sugar and the vanilla. Put in a refrigerator to chill well.

Cut the ice cream into slices or make scoops that will be added to the punch bowl just before the bridal shower begins. This way, you will prevent the ice cream from melting before the bridal shower starts.

Coffee and Nutmeg
This coffee punch is a bit spicier and more oriental than the traditional recipe due to the presence of nutmeg. You will need one bottle of milk, half a bottle of coffee liqueur, one pack of vanilla ice cream, a container of whipped cream and grounded nutmeg.

Stir the milk, coffee liqueur and ice cream into the punch bowl. You can add some ice or you can put the drink into the refrigerator to keep it chilled.

When serving the punch, add a topping of whipped cream and sprinkle with the grounded nutmeg.

Instant Coffee Punch
If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of brewing coffee, you can use instant coffee when making the bridal shower punch.

This is the list of ingredients: half a cup of your preferred instant coffee, 10 cups of hot water, one bottle of milk, one cup of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla, one pack of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup.

Make instant coffee by pouring hot water over the granules and the sugar. Let the coffee cool down before you add the other ingredients.

Once the coffee mixture has become cool, add the milk, vanilla and chocolate syrup. Stir and put in refrigerator, letting the punch chill before the bridal shower.

Add the ice cream to the punch bowl just before the party starts. You can use whipped cream and some more chocolate syrup as coffee punch topping.

Though many coffee punch variations exist, all of them follow the same structure and basic recipe. Experiment by adding your favorite ingredients and by discovering new flavors and tastes that could be mixed to create the perfect bridal shower coffee punch.

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