Coffee House Bridal Shower

Everybody loves the casual and friendly atmosphere of a coffee house. Besides the coffee itself, the aroma of freshly grounded coffee beans will invigorate and energize everyone. If you are planning to throw a truly unique bridal shower party that will leave everyone feeling energized and get them into a festive mood, a coffee house theme can be just the perfect way to celebrate such a historic and milestone event for the bride. Here are some fun and innovative ideas that you can make use of in order to ensure the creation of a memorable coffee house bridal shower party.

The first aspect of your bridal shower party is the invitations. Keeping the concept of coffee house in mind, your invitations can depict any objects or item which is synonymous to a coffee house. In order to make a memorable presentation, you can purchase coffee jars and along with the invitation, you can add some coffee beans. Simply tying a colorful party ribbon around the coffee jar will help to heighten its beauty.

A coffee house normally exudes a comfortable, warm and friendly atmosphere therefore incorporating comfy couches and sofas is a great idea and should be a part of your décor. You can decorate the walls with elegant and beautiful paintings befitting of your coffee house bridal shower party. You can purchase the paintings or you can get your creative juices flowing and create your very own masterpieces.

Apart from saving you a great deal of money, they can also make for some great keepsakes of the bridal shower party. Another great idea is to set up an area where the guests can create their own beautiful paintings. This will bring out the child in the guests and ensure that they are having a truly wonderful time.

If you want to recreate the rustic atmosphere that is associated with coffees, you can either opt for wooden tables or cover them with brown linens. Some intimate spaces consisting of two couches or sofas and a table should be set up. This will not only prove to be a great way to break the ice but will also allow the guests to get better acquainted with each other.

You can also place an elegant lamp on the table to create a much warmer and casual atmosphere. Using relatively inexpensive items, you can create memorable and wonderful centerpieces. For instance, you can purchase some antique and rustic looking coffee urns and decorate them with vibrant and colorful faux or real flowers to create a stunning centerpiece. Or perhaps, votive candles placed in coffee cups or tea cups can also make for a beautiful centerpiece.

Depending on the bride’s taste, incorporating some music in the background is another great idea which will help to make the bridal shower that much more memorable. For a bride who loves coffees, a coffee house styled bridal shower can be the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

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