Coed Bridal Shower Themes

Coed bridal shower theme selection requires some thought. The focus of the party needs to be equally appealing to girls and boys.

Choosing a coed bridal shower theme may be a challenge. Ask the bride-to-be and her fiancé for some assistance. They will be capable of providing you with some incredible ideas you had never even thought of.

Refrain from picking a theme that is too girly. Such themes would be the perfect choice for an all-female gathering. In the case of a coed bridal shower, you will have to look for gender-neutral alternatives.

Bridal Shower Barbecue
Both men and women enjoy barbecuing. The theme is perfect for a relaxed and casual event that will give the bride and groom a chance to spend some quality time with dear friends and loved ones.

The barbecue bridal shower should be held outdoors. Get the food to be prepared while the party is taking place. In fact, some of the guests may be keen on demonstrating their culinary skills.

You will need tables and chairs for this type of party. Decorations are entirely up to you. Pick one main color and stick to it. Table centerpieces can be made of flowers, or you can have candles contributing to a more romantic event.

Sports-Themed Bridal Shower
Ask the bride and groom about their favorite sport, the one they enjoy watching or practicing together. Turn that sport into a bridal shower theme.

Both men and women enjoy certain types of athletic activities. A sports-themed bridal shower is just as casual and relaxed as the bridal shower barbecue.

The invitations themselves can help you set the right mood. You should use large, colorful posters to decorate the venue. A sports trivia quiz could become the central bridal shower activity that will get all of the guests involved and competing against each other.

Beach-Themed Bridal Shower
If you are holding the bridal shower in the summer, you can have a beach or a pool celebration.

This bridal shower is mainly suitable for younger couples, who love to dance and to have a good time.

A pool party will have you preparing finger foods and cocktails. Hiring a good DJ is always a nice idea. Music will add to the atmosphere, giving people a chance to both relax and get wild, if they feel like it.

Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is a classier type of celebration. It can be organized if the bride and groom intend to invite older couples, coworkers or acquaintances.

For best results, how the bridal shower at a wine cellar or a restaurant that offers wine tasting. Many people are unfamiliar with the technique, so a professional sommelier should be there to explain and present wine tasting.

Cheese platters go perfectly with wine tasting. Turn the party into a culinary feast. Give guests the chance to taste foods and types of wines they have never tried before.

Coed bridal showers should have a theme that will tickle the curiosity of both men and women. Being the host of such party signifies using your imagination and creativity to make the magic happen.

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