Coed Bridal Shower Ideas

A coed bridal shower is twice the fun of a traditional, all-female gathering.

To organize a successful coed bridal shower, you will have to introduce some modifications to the typical theme, décor and activities. After all, the attendance of couples signifies that you will be having a different audience to deliver your message to.

These creative coed bridal shower ideas will help you organize something memorable and outstanding that all of the guests will enjoy.

Theme Ideas
Theme selection is the first bit of thinking that you will have to do when organizing a coed bridal shower.

Some themes are suitable solely for an all-female gathering. Stay away from Disney princesses and Sex and the City. Few men will be capable of enjoying this type of theme, simply because it has the potential to appeal to the emotionality of ladies.

The theme has to be something that both men and women will enjoy. If in doubt, consult the bride-to-be and her fiancé. Ask them about the things and activities they like to be involved in together.

A Jack and Jill bridal shower theme is one of the most popular choices for a coed celebration. You can also have a barbecue, a beach party, a sports-themed bridal shower or a bridal shower dedicated to a specific travel destination.

Though you may initially think that you are experiencing too many limitations, the number of themes to choose from is significant. Just think about something that both girls and boys like.

Coed Bridal Shower Invitations
The invitations should primarily make it clear that both women and men will be invited to the bridal shower.

Choose colors that are gender-neutral and that will correspond to the tones that you have picked for the bridal shower decorations.

The visuals have to be selected according to the theme. A destination-themed bridal shower will have you picking a picture of the place that the celebration focuses on. The visual can be general and funny, as well. Pick some fun cartoon that portrays the differences between men and women and that exaggerates some of the main stereotypes prevalent in society.

Apart from the fun elements, the invitation should include some important information. It must state the names of the bride-to-be and the groom, the date and hour, the venue, directions, where is the couple registered at and the RSVP information.

Venue Selection
Great coed bridal showers need to be staged at the right spot. Venue selection is responsible for as much as half of the success of the party.

A restaurant will always be a great place to hold a coed bridal shower at. The emphasis in this instance will be on the culinary art. Give guests a chance to try different delicious meals and to enjoy the pleasant company of each other.

Outdoor venues will be great for a spring or a summertime bridal shower. Barbecues and sports-themed bridal showers should be taken outside. A yard or a garden gives guests the chance to enjoy nature and to play various intriguing games.

Great coed bridal shower ideas are generally simple and taking in consideration the preferences of both the bride-to-be and the groom. Though organizing such a party could be a challenge, you will definitely have fun during the process.

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