Coed Bridal Shower Games

Games play an important role during bridal showers. A coed bridal shower gives you tremendous freedom. You can choose many fun activities that will keep guests and the couple about to get married entertained.

Coed bridal shower games are very fun, typically focusing on how well the bride and groom know each other. Guests should be involved, as well. The selection of activities can serve as a tremendous ice breaker, making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

Guess the Groom
This game puts the bride-to-be in the spotlight. It has several variations but the results of all of them will be hilarious.

Blindfold the bride-to-be. Ask all of the men present at the bridal shower to participate in this game. One option is to have all of the men pulling up one sleeve of their trousers. The bride-to-be will have to guess the groom by feeling the knees of men.

Touching the face of each participant in the game is another option you have. The bride-to-be should receive some intriguing gift if she manages to recognize her future husband in this way.

Cinderella Game
The Cinderella game involves all of the couples attending the party. Send the men to another room or somewhere where they will be incapable of observing the game preparation process.

Ladies should sit in a line. Have them to take off both shoes. One of the shoes should be placed in a common pile, while the other one should be hidden somewhere.

Once the pile is ready, consisting of one show from every female guest, invite the men to the room. Their main goal is to pick a shoe from the pile, which they think belong to their wife or girlfriend.

This game is very entertaining. Very often, men fail paying attention to details from their partner’s outfit. Too many game participants will be confused and uncertain which shoe to choose.

Bridal Shower Trivia
Bridal shower trivia games test how well guests know the bride-to-be and her fiancé. These types of activities will have you doing some preparation in advance.

Create a list of questions. These should be personal issues about the bride and groom. Choose aspects of their lives that solely dear friends and relatives will be familiar with. Focus inquiries on their childhood, school years, love story, career development and most embarrassing moments.

During the bridal shower, start asking the questions from the list. The person to answer most questions right becomes the winner of the trivia game and should receive some type of symbolical award.

The gossip game tests how well the coed bridal shower guests know each other.

Before the shower takes place, consult the bride-to-be and her fiancé about their guests. You should prepare a question about each guest. One example could be what is the name of Mary’s pet?

As guests arrive to the bridal shower, give them a chance to select one card containing a question about some of the other guests. During the games round, have everyone reading out loud the question and its answer.

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