Bridal Shower Cocktail Recipes

Cocktails and several types of bridal showers go hand in hand. Mixed drinks add some special, fabulous sentiment to the party.

Making mixed drinks on your own could be even more enjoyable. You can even hold a mixed drinks workshop during the bridal shower, giving ladies a chance to learn how to prepare their own cocktails.

Picking the best recipe and knowing how to follow the steps is essential for the creation of a good cocktail. Here are several recipes that will help you make some of the most popular and loved cocktails.

To make a cosmopolitan, you will need a standard cocktail glass and the following ingredients: 40 milliliters of vodka, 15 ml of Cointreau, 15 ml of lime juice and 30 ml of cranberry juice.

You will need crushed ice. Put it together with all other ingredients in a shaker. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass. To make the cocktail more attractive, you can frost the rim of the glass with sugar before pouring the cocktail in.

To make Manhattan cocktail, you will need 50 ml of rye whisky, 20 ml of sweet vermouth, a dash of Angostura bitters and a Maraschino cherry.

Use a mixing glass to stir the whisky and vermouth with crushed ice and the bitters. Strain in a cocktail glass. Before adding the cocktail, place the Maraschino cherry inside the glass. Enjoy!

Mojito is one of the most refreshing summertime cocktails. It is light, fresh and very delicious. Knowing the exact amounts of ingredients to mix together is essential for the preparation of the perfect Mojito.

You will need 4 centiliters of white rum, 4 centiliters of lime juice, two teaspoons of sugar or brown sugar, soda or Sprite, fresh mint leaves.

Use a tall glass. Place the mint leaves inside first. You will need lots of crushed ice for the preparation of the perfect Mojito. Add ice and pour the rum. Add sugar, lime juice and the soda or Sprite. Use some more mint leaves and a slice of lime to decorate the glass before serving.

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary is probably one of the most popular vodka mixed drinks. This traditional recipe should be added to your bridal shower collection.

The ingredients you will need are three parts of vodka, six parts of tomato juice and one part of lemon juice. The ratio remains constant regardless of the amount of Bloody Mary you are willing to make.

Pour the ingredients in a mixed glass that contains some ice cubes. Stir gently. Pour into a highball glass. Salt and pepper could be used to give the cocktail even better taste. Decorate the glass with a celery stalk or a slice of lemon.

Cuba Libre
Cuba Libre is probably one of the easiest rum cocktails to make. The ingredients are very simple and the preparation procedure is suitable for beginners.

You will need 100 milliliters of Coca-Cola and 50 milliliters of white rum (a two to one parts ratio).

Fill half of a tall glass with ice. Pour the rum and Coca-Cola inside. A slice of lime could be used to decorate the glass before serving the cocktail.

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