Bridal Shower Cocktail Party

What could be more girly and sophisticated than a cocktail party? A wonderful bridal shower can be organized around that theme.

Bridal shower cocktail parties look great and create intimate surroundings for the bride-to-be and her dearest friends. Venue selection, music and cocktail supplies are all very important for this type of celebration.

If you are going to host a bridal shower cocktail party, you will have to do some thinking and planning in advance. Knowing what to serve and how to present it are two of the most important party aspects.

Invitations should look fabulous. A cocktail party is a very trendy and sophisticated event. The invitations should reflect on that theme.

Choose bright colors that instantly create an atmosphere of joy. The font should be more elegant, adding a classy touch to the overall sensation. Your invitation should feel urban and should invite the ladies for a fun night out.

The visuals will help you present the theme well. A martini glass is probably the most recognizable image that you can use. A shaker or even shot glasses will look great, as well. Let guests know what will be going on.

Supplies You will Need
To make cocktails, you will need certain specific supplies. You can either purchase all of the equipment on your own or you can use the services of a catering company.

Different types of glasses should be available. Each cocktail goes in a specific glass, which is part of the charm. Know what cocktails you will be serving and purchase the appropriate glasses.

You will need large amounts of ice, as well. Many mixed drinks contain crushed ice. Thin carefully and do some mathematical calculations about the amounts needed. Running out of ice could ruin your cocktail party.

Shakers and cocktail making equipment needs to be available. If you feel uncomfortable with the overall process, you should consider hiring a bartender, who will make professional mixed drink presentations. This decision could add to the appeal of the party.

Making the Cocktails
Another option that will make your party very fun is to turn cocktail making into one of the party activities.

Do some research in advance. You should know how some basic types of cocktails are made. Practice until you are satisfied with the final result. During the bridal shower, you will be instructing others about the best mixed drink techniques. Have several helpers – choose ladies who are familiar with one recipe or another.

A professional cocktail maker could be a great helper in this situation. Have this person making demonstrations and supervising the cocktail making process. Ladies will be having fun while learning something new and trying different recipes.

Bridal shower cocktail parties are traditionally held in the afternoon. You can select any venue, as long as you manage to turn it into a trendy bar. It should look stylish and welcoming at the same time.

This theme is perfect for a bridal shower and it will give the bride-to-be some quality time with her dearest friends and loved ones. Though you will have to do some preliminary planning, a bridal shower cocktail party is relatively simple to put together.

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