Bridal Shower City Themes

The city that you live in or the urban theme, in general, could be very inspiring when you are trying to come up with original bridal shower ideas.

Bridal shower city themes are diversified and fun to put together. You can find so much inspiration in a specific location that the bride-to-be loves or is emotionally involved with.

City girls sure know how to have fun. Each place has its hotspots and trendy places that bring together people and that become favorites. Think about these specifics in order to make the bridal shower truly spectacular.

Sex and the City Bridal Shower Theme
Thinking about bridal shower city themes? Sex in the City is probably one of the first ideas to pop to your mind. The four New York ladies have turned into a true inspiration for independent women worldwide.

A Sex and the City bridal shower theme will be fun, girly and a great opportunity for the bride-to-be to spend some quality time with her dearest girls. In addition, you will have no difficulties making the magic happen.

For a start, you will need a trendy place. It can be your own home, as long as you manage to transform it. Fashion should be in the very heart of the theme.

To make the party even more intriguing, you can create decorations that correspond to the emotionality of the four main Sex and the City characters – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Your buffet should put emphasis on mixed drinks. Hiring a professional bartender could be a great idea that will add some more glitter to the already fabulous party theme.

City-Relevant Bridal Shower Themes
Choose a city that the bride-to-be adores or would love to visit. This city could turn into the bridal shower theme.

Paris is one great bridal shower city theme example. The city is all about love and romance. Everybody dreams of visiting Paris at least once. Take your guests there through the selection of decorations, music and food.

You can use this approach to make any city in the world the focus of your bridal shower theme. Research. Find out what forms the character and face of this urban area. It could be a landmark, a local dish or even the language spoken there.

The city-relevant bridal shower theme is a great way for guests to learn something more or to visit a place they have never been before. Even if the theme is dedicated to the city you live in, you can make it extra-special. Find the little details that make your home unique.

Clubbing in the City
City girls do know how to party. Instead of taking the city to the bridal shower, you can bring the bridal shower to the city.

Go clubbing. Select the trendiest club or restaurant in your own city. A girls’ night our is a wonderful way to celebrate the great transformation that will soon be taking place in the life of the bride-to-be.

Urban themes will add something special to the bridal shower you are organizing. Make it as specific as possible if you want to impress the guests and the bride-to-be. You need to know and love the city, in order to turn it into the focus of the bridal shower.

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