Circus Bridal Shower

The circus is joy. Everybody treasures at least one childhood memory connected to the magic and beauty of circus art.

A circus bridal shower is a slightly unusual idea that will let you do miracles in terms of decorations. This could be the most spectacular party you have ever organized.

What does it take to host a circus bridal shower? A lot of creativity, some research and the desire to create amazing decorations. Just think about the most appealing aspects of circus and try to recreate those during the bridal shower.

The circus bridal shower invitation should ‘scream’ its message. The theme should become evident as soon as the person receives the invitation and takes a look at it.

Use a retro font that will remind people of the old circuses from their childhood. It needs to be bold, yet decorative. Choose bright colors to mimic the traditional circus announcements and posters.

If you have any specific idea – any dress code requirements or activities – you should mention those in the invitation.

Clown Theme
The circus theme could come with a sub-theme. Choose a specific part of the circus art that you and the bride-to-be are particularly fond of. Everybody loves clowns. You can make them the focus of your bridal shower.

Clown noses, colorful wigs and clown hats can be distributed to guests, as soon as they arrive. You may think that this idea is somehow silly but everyone will be having fun. It takes some time for people to get used to the idea but as soon as they let go of social norms, ladies will start enjoying this childish theme.

Vintage Circus Theme
Recreate a vintage circus, if your idea focuses on something a bit more stylish and untraditional.

Carnival candy and circus sweets will be the most important menu item. Use their color to create other types of decorations. Vintage circuses are colorful, yet retaining some degree of romance and aristocratism.

Feathers, cotton candy, model carousels, flowers and bright colors will make the theme come to reality. Study images of vintage circus shows. Use those images to create your own decorations.

Colors, Colors, Colors
A circus bridal shower is all about colors and joy. This is the main goal of circus – to make people feel good and to get them acquainted with the beauty and mastery of this art.

Tie colorful bows to the chairs. Pick plates and glasses in bright nuances. Be bold and daring – circus is all about visuals. Even if it looks somehow kitsch to you, experiment with the appearance of the shower.

A circus bridal shower will look jolly, fun and attractive. If you have difficulties creating the theme on your own, you can contact professional decorators, who will make it all happen. You still need to have some idea about the color scheme and the types of decorations to be used.

Most importantly, have fun when organizing the circus bridal shower. Remember your childhood and the manner in which you perceived the circus back then. This is the only way to make the magic happen.

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