Cinderella Bridal Shower

Is there a girl in the world who has never heard about Cinderella, who has never dreamed of experiencing a similar love story? Fairytales are inspiring, beautiful and memorable. Even when ladies grow up, they keep in the their hearts the memory of fairytale princesses.

A Cinderella bridal shower is one of the ways to make the fairytale happen. It will be great and magical, regardless of the age or social status of guests invited.

Organizing a Cinderella bridal shower will be a true pleasure. Recreating the fairytale and coming up with the best decorations will challenge your creativity and will take you back to the wonderful world of your childhood.

These ideas will help you with party planning and coming up with the best decorations, foods and activities for a Cinderella bridal shower.

The invitation is the first way to break the news. It should let guests know that a bridal shower will be taking place and what type of activities could be expected during the party.

Visuals, font selection and the color scheme will help you present the theme. Many visuals are connected to Cinderella. You can have the princess herself on the front of the invitation. A pumpkin carriage will look great, as well. How about the little glass slipper that Cinderella wore?

Font selection should speak of fairytales, as well. Pick any font that resembles handwriting and that has a delicate, detailed ornament to it. Yet, the font should be easy to read instead of challenging.

The color scheme needs to be inspired by fairytales, once again. Pink, pastel blue or violet will look great.

Bridal Shower Decorations
Decorations should take guests to that special world of princesses, fairytales and magic. Think about Cinderella and all of the items that you connect to the story.

Pumpkin decorations are a must for a Cinderella bridal shower. You can turn simple pumpkins into beautiful carriages. In fact, you can use pumpkin decorations as your table centerpieces.

Pastel colored ribbons and flowers will contribute to the fairytale spirit. Lace can decorate the walls to give them a softer, more magical feeling.

Glass slippers will be difficult to find and you will probably have to spend a fortune on the creation of customized glass slipper decorations. Still, objects made of glass will give guests an idea about the fairytale.

The Bridal Shower Cake and Food
The bridal shower cake has to come with the same color schemes and decorative items similar to the ones you have already used.

If you want to, you can purchase a cake that has a visual printed on its surface. Any image from the Cinderella story will look great.

A traditional cake can come with ribbon decorations and a slipper glass slipper placed on the top as the primary decoration. You have significant freedom when choosing cake design. Nearly anything can be made out of edible materials – use that fact to your advantage.

Cinderella bridal shower will be a dream come true for any girl. Remembering childhood and having some innocent fun will always be a great way to relax and to have fun before the big wedding day.

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