Creating A Bridal Shower Checklist

Organizing a bridal shower seems difficult. The truth is that the process involves numerous steps, some of which complex.

Many people who have to organize a bridal shower seem intimidated. To make the task a whole lot easier, you can depend on checklists. These will give you the chance to point the important steps and to monitor progress.

You can come up with one general checklist and several small lists that will help you control the organization process. Brainstorming about the most important aspects of the party is the first step that you will have to undertake.

Date, Time and Location

When coming up with a checklist, you will primarily have to focus on the bridal shower’s date and location.

Coordinate this with the bride-to-be. She will be busy planning her wedding and you will have to take her tasks in consideration. The date selected should be towards the end of the wedding planning process, giving the bride-to-be a chance to relax before the big event.

Selecting a venue is also important, as this will let you book it in advance. The place needs to be big enough to accommodate everyone, yet cozy.

Guest List and Invitations

An important list you will have to draft is the one that includes the names of all guests. This list will also help you in terms of booking the most appropriate location for the party.

Try to come up with a very complete list and then remove the names of people who are not that close to the bride-to-be. Make sure that all of the people invited to the bridal shower are also invited to the wedding. Otherwise you risk experiencing a really awkward moment.

The next item on the checklist should be the bridal shower invitation. Decide on the design, the exact information it will include and where it will be printed.

Party Theme

The bridal shower theme should also make it to the checklist, as it will determine the menu and decorations to be used.

Select a theme that corresponds to the bride’s preferences. Even better, have several options included in the checklist and talk to the bride about the best option.

Once you come up with the theme, you can create a list of decorations that you will need to recreate the atmosphere. Include everything that you deem appropriate – balloons, flowers, candles or ribbons.

Menu and Catering

A menu list will be very useful, as well. Use it to plan the types of appetizers, main courses, beverages and desserts to have at the party.

Start with a very general list. Brainstorm and include everything that seems appropriate. Once you get the ideas listed, you can start narrowing down the menu, based on the available budget.

Try to have a diversity of meals and beverages. Having sufficient amounts of these will enable guests to have fun. The menu list is probably the most important one you will have to draft.

When you know what you want, you can start looking for a catering company. If on the other hand, you plan to prepare food at home, you can begin purchasing ingredients.

Bridal Shower Favors

You should remember to include the bridal shower favors in your checklist. These are an important part of the party, something special that guests will be able to take home.

The favors should correspond to the party theme. Once you decide on the theme, you can list all viable favors. As with the menu, once you have everything listed, you can start limiting your selection until you leave the best options on the list.

A checklist will be very useful when you are trying to organize a bridal shower. It can help you list all of the important party aspects and set deadlines. Create lists to break the organization process into small and accomplishable tasks. This will speed up the work and facilitate the preparation for the bridal shower.

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