Bridal Shower Ceiling Décor

Holding a bridal shower indoors signifies dealing with one more important task – decorating the ceiling. Ceiling decorations can be made of nearly anything or they can be purchased from a party supply store.

When choosing bridal shower ceiling décor, you will have to think about the party’s theme and the colors you have used for other types of decorations.

These creative ideas will help you decorate the ceiling and create uniformity and consistency.

Balloon Ceiling
If your overall focus is on balloon decorations, you can create a bridal shower balloon ceiling. This type of décor is very easy to make and it looks great. The balloon ceiling should be used if other decorative items are relatively small, since it looks great and it instantly captures attention.

You will need helium-filled balloons only. Choose the color that you like. An alternative is to mix two or even three shades.

Let the balloons go up. The ceiling will be the border that stops them and keeps them in place. You may need a ladder to position balloons the way you like and to reshuffle them, if more than one color is present.

Stickers and Stencils
Wall and ceiling stickers are another tremendous ceiling décor option.

Decorative stickers are sold in party supply stores. They can be positioned on the ceiling and then removed without leaving a trace.

Choose the shapes and the colors that you feel comfortable with. You can have polka dots, flowers, hearts or any other symbol connected to love. Decide on the specific number and position the stickers on the ceiling to complete your décor.

Glow in the Dark Decorations
Glow in the dark ceiling stickers can transform a simple room or even your own house.

Such sticker decorations will be appropriate if your room remains semi-lit and you plan to use solely candle light, for example. You need darkness to make the stickers stand out and make the magic happen.

Just like regular stickers, these ones can be removed without leaving a mark on your ceiling. Just imagine having a starlit sky inside your house. It will look great and this bridal shower wall décor requires very little effort.

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling will look great for an Asian-themed bridal shower. Even if you have chosen another theme, you can make use of the lantern decorations.

Lanterns look romantic and adorable. The light that they emit is usually colored, which makes it softer and more intimate. They are suitable for any romantic event or celebration. Lanterns can be purchased from a party supply store. If you are looking for authentic lanterns, you can go to a Chinese store.

Have just several lanterns hanging from the ceiling. They will be noticeable enough. Try to refrain from overdoing it – the lanterns will play a supplementary role.

Bridal shower wall decorations add some completeness to the theme. You can certainly go without them but the party will look different if the entire ceiling is decorated with heart shapes. It takes a little time and these decorations are relatively inexpensive.

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