Bridal Shower Casino Theme

You are looking for a theme that will look good and that will keep guests entertained at the same time. Finding the balance between decorations, glamour and activities could be difficult.

A casino bridal shower theme is one of the best options you have, in case most guests are familiar with the games and comfortable with playing those. The theme is suitable for nearly all types of gatherings.

Organizing a casino themed bridal shower will require preliminary planning and research. You will also have to purchase certain items that will give you a chance to schedule games and to recreate the atmosphere.

Casino Bridal Shower Invitations
The bridal shower invitations should make it clear what the party is all about. Fortunately, the number of visualization and design options is large.

Some of the images connected to a casino include a pair of dice, poker chips or even a roulette wheel. Have one of those as the prominent invitation visual. Let guests know that games will be played and that the party will be Vegas-style and very glamorous.

Bright colors and bold fonts are both appropriate for this bridal shower theme. The flashier it is, the better. This type of invitation will set the mood in advance and will let guests know what to expect.

Decorations and Party Venue
Choose a venue that is big enough. Think in practical terms. You will need to place tables and the room should be sufficient for guests to move around and to play the different bridal shower casino games.

Plan how many games you want to have. Get the tables and all of the accessories needed for the casino activities.

Bright colors will look best. The party items themselves look good enough and you will require small amounts of decorative items to make the magic happen. The bottles, tableware and food containers should correspond to the theme, as well.

Tie a ribbon in an appropriate color to each chair. You can also get tables covered and decorated. To set the casino theme, you need to have croupiers dressed appropriately. These can either be some of the bride-to-be’s friends or professional casino employees.

Casino Bridal Shower Food and Drinks
A casino bridal shower is traditionally held in the evening. The time of the party will determine the types of foods and drinks to have available.

Have a professional bartender to mix drinks for the ladies. Alcoholic cocktails can be the main emphasis of the night, in fact they may turn into the only item on the menu.

Light snacks will be appropriate, as well. Go for nuts, chips and dips and finger sandwiches. You may also consider the availability of salads and platters – cheeses, vegetables, fruits or something more exotic like a marine platter.

You may either get a bridal shower cake or refrain from having one. The theme gives you the chance to skip the cake part, since everyone will be having fun and playing games. In this instance, the menu will play a secondary role.

A casino bridal shower will be fun and very entertaining. It is one of the best options for larger gatherings and people who are somehow unfamiliar with each other. This theme could be a bit more difficult to organize but it is certain to turn into a major success.

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