Bridal Shower Cash Only

Very often, young couples about to get married have no need for specific presents and items that newlyweds traditional receive. Do you really need to get registered if you have already managed to furnish and equip your home with all the necessities?

Is it ethical and appropriate to ask for cash instead of gifts during a bridal shower? The truth is that the issue of cash presents remains somehow delicate. There hardly will ever be a nice way to ask guests for money. But some people do like cash instead of gifts.

Here are several etiquette basics that you need to be familiar with if you want to get monetary presents instead of items during your bridal shower.

Can You Really Ask for Cash?
One of the first questions that need to get answered is if you can really ask guests for cash. Though etiquette may state something specific on the issue, you will probably be capable of finding a tasteful way to make your preferences clear.

Many guests prefer the cash gift, since it gives a young family the chance to invest in something that has real meaning and that has been desired for a long time. It will also be easier for guests to bring cash than to look for the most incredible bridal shower present.

It all depends on the people invited to the bridal shower and the type of party. You need to decide in advance whether your request will get anyone offended and whether asking for cash is appropriate.

Tasteful Ways to Do It
Understand one fact – the invitation should make no mention of the most preferred types of guests. Bridal shower guests cannot be asked directly to contribute, in fact people are free to bring nothing at all.

The invitation itself should mention solely the availability of a money tree or a wishing well during the bridal shower.

Mentioning the cash only policy in the bridal shower invitation will be rude – it sounds like the whole party was organized as a fund raiser. The aim of the bridal shower is very different. It gives the bride-to-be and her dearest friends a chance to have fun before the big day.

Guests will often inquire about preferred gifts while RSVPing to an event. The hostess should be aware of the bride-to-be’s preferences, providing guests with information about best types of presents.

Money Trees and Wishing Wells
Another nice way to ask bridal shower guests for cash gifts is the money tree or wishing well. These traditional party decorations have been created for the collection of monetary presents.

The money tree is a decorative item that resembles an actual tree. It has a stem and branches but in the beginning of the bridal shower, the money tree will be leafless.

Bridal shower guests stick money to the branches of the bridal shower tree and the banknotes function as its leaves. Once the party is over, the bride-to-be is free to collect the monetary contributions and to make the tree leafless once again.

The wishing well plays the same function and the manner in which it functions is almost the same.

It is ok to ask bridal shower guests for cash only gifts. The only thing you have to do is to request monetary gifts in a tasteful and intelligent manner. Knowing how to make your preferences clear will keep people from getting insulted and will let them enjoy the wonderful occasion.

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