Bridal Shower Card Wording and Messages

A card usually accompanies the bridal shower gift that you have picked. This card needs to contain a short message that congratulates the bride-to-be.

You can rely on the traditional etiquette, when trying to think of a bridal shower card message. Certain verses will always be fashionable and appropriate. Still, times have changed and today you are given freedom in terms of addressing the bride-to-be.

What Do You Want To Say?
Before coming up with a verse or a witty message, you have to decide what exactly you want to say.

Do you want to congratulate the bride-to-be? Or maybe you want to wish her something? Still, maybe you would like to include a combination of the two in the card?

Have clarity about the message that you want to send. Once you know what is on your heart, you will discover the best way to put it in words and to create an appropriate verse for your bridal shower card.
Select the Appropriate Tone

You also have options when it comes to the tone of your bridal shower card. It can be anything that you think of – humorous, witty, instructive, friendly, wise or very emotional.

Now that you know what message you want to deliver, you will have to select the tone and the tools that you will use to get it across. If you want to wish the bride-to-be something special, you should probably make the message an emotional and romantic one.

In case she has a sense of humor, you could try being witty. Remember that you are walking on thin ice if you do not know the bride that well. Refrain from risking and coming up with a joke that could insult or disappoint her.

Bridal Shower Card Wording Samples

The message and verses that you choose should preferably remain brief. Keep it focused and specific. If you want to tell her something special, it would be better to do that in person instead of through the card. Some traditional messages and wording that you can use include:

– Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Wishing you the best!

– Wishing you a beautiful marriage and happy family life!

– Congratulations! Hoping that this gift will help you get started with your new home and new life.

– May your heart be filled with love and may the sentiment stay in your family for the long years to come.

– Many Blessings and congratulations to a beautiful bride-to-be.

– Glad to share this special day with you and wishing you the best.

These are all traditional messages that will be appropriate for a gift card. They are far from overly original and unique but if they express your sentiments in a good manner, you can confidently pick one of those.

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