Bridal Shower Card Verses and Poems

A nice bridal shower or love poem can be the perfect touch for a bridal shower card, whether to thank the bride-to-be for inviting you to the shower or as a gift card. You can always simply say congratulations or use a short quote. But if you want to make it something more special, you can pick romantic verses or a short poem that will let the bride-to-be know how you feel. You will have to put more thought in such wording but cards that are original will stick out and will be memorable.

1) A beautiful woman, a generous heart,

with a compassion and fire that sets her apart.

When you and (groom’s name) are one, smiled on from above,

may you still always look to her first True Love.

2) It all began with a kiss

And now it ends in bliss

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

3) Warmest wishes to both of you for a wonderful wedding day and a bright and happy future together.

4) A Wedding Shower marks a very special time in the lives of those in love β€” it’s enjoying happy moments with friends and family β€” sharing the anticipation of a beautiful future β€” celebrating love!

5) True Hearts that share

One Life

One Love

Will always know true joy

If you unleash your creativity, you can come up with beautiful verses and wording on your own. Remember to be sincere and to write in the manner that you usually do. Refrain from adopting another style, it will sound fake and unnatural.

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