Coming Up With Bridal Shower Card Messages

The bridal shower card is something that you will have to come up with when selecting the gift you are going to hand the bride-to-be. Writing the card message seems simple enough but once you sit down and try to put it together, you will discover that it takes some thought and creative effort.

Most cards today come with a message that is printed on them. You may feel tempted to add solely your name beneath the card message. This, however, deprives you of the chance to say something personal to the bride-to-be.

How is the Card Used?
A bridal shower greeting card usually accompanies the gift. It includes words of love and your best wishes.

The presence of the card has turned into a tradition, though having one is far from mandatory. Apart from the object or voucher you are gifting, you are sending a personal message. Often, this personal message is more important than the gift itself.

What to Write on the Card?
The big question is – what exactly should I write inside the card? Most of the wishes and messages seem to be too outdated and too popular to use once again.

Think about all those little things that you wish to tell the bride-to-be. You certainly want her to know that she is loved and that she can always count on you. You’d probably wish to congratulate her for this big event.

Putting these emotions into words could be difficult, especially if you dislike expressing sentiments in a written form.

Here are several simple tips that will help you make the card genuine, touching and truly emotional.

Select the Right Tone
The tone of the message is the first important aspect you will have to decide on.

Refrain from making it too teary. You certainly want to throw all your emotions on the piece of paper but the result could be far from pleasing and heart-warming. Choose the tone and think about the message only after.

Adopting a humorous approach is usually advisable, as long as you keep it tasteful. Emotional cards are acceptable, as well. Honesty and sincerity will make the message count.

If you are an acquaintance or a coworker of the bride-to-be, you can stick to a more traditional, formal message. A large emotional outburst will only make her wonder, especially if you are not that close.

Avoid Clichés and Generalizations

As difficult as it seems, try to avoid clichés. Yes, these are readily available and most of us think of them right away. The biggest shortcoming of clichés is that they sound fake. A sincere message, coming straight from the heart should be written in your own way.

Sit down and try to get your mind blank. You know what you want to say. Try to say it in a unique and very personal way.

Avoiding generalizations is another good tip to follow. “Wishing you all the best.” This statement holds no meaning. What is ‘the best?’ This reveals that you took 20 seconds to write something inside the card. The message is neither personal, nor original.

Wishes and Personal Statements
The message should contain a personal statement. Try to say how happy you are for bride-to-be and her future husband. You can even include a beautiful love quote that sums it all up.

Once you include your personal statement, you could include some wishes, as well. Those wishes typically focus on long-lasting love, happiness and family harmony. You can also come up with something more original or witty – no rule is forcing you to stick to traditional wishes.

The bridal shower card message is an important way to congratulate the bride-to-be and to tell her how happy you are about this major and beautiful upcoming event. Use the card wisely and make it speak for yourself. Take some time before writing down anything. Being sincere and thoughtful will reflect on the card.

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