Bridal Shower Capias

The bridal shower capias feature among the traditional items that have a specific decorative purpose. According to traditions, capias are pinned to the garments of guests. Yet, these items can be used to decorate the party itself, the favors or even the table centerpieces.

You can either buy capias or make those yourself. It takes little creativity and the purchase of the right materials to make beautiful bridal shower capias.

What is the Capia Traditionally Made of?
Lace, ribbons and beads can all be used in the creation of a traditional bridal shower capia.

You can also make this decorative item using live flowers. It takes some more work and you will have to search for the most appropriate types of flowers. They need to be small enough, yet decorative.

Certain additional materials will be needed to put capias together. You will have to purchase wire, glue, thread and a sewing needle. The manner in which you assemble capias depends entirely on your preferences and the method that you feel most comfortable with.

To make capias more impressive, you can have the date of the bridal shower and the name of the bride-to-be printed on the ribbon. Some companies do offer personalization and the creation of bridal shower decorations that will save time and effort.

Follow the Bridal Shower Theme
If you have decided to make capias yourself, you can follow several basics to come up with the design and color scheme.

Think in terms of the theme. Do the decorations have to look elegant and sophisticated or are you trying to create something simpler and more casual?

The color scheme should either correspond to the tones of other bridal shower decorations or it can contrast others to create some beautiful eye-pleasing diversity. You can also choose flowers used in other decorations to make capias.

It is very important to make capias stylish. You may feel tempted to use many decorative items and to just get those piled on top of each other. Resist that urge. Simpler items will often look classier than something flashy and very ornate.

How to Make Capias?
To make capias, you will first have to work out the foundation – something solid and stable that will help you put all other decorative items together.

First of all, you will have to get the ribbon and loop it. Use a sewing needle or glue to keep the loop together. The place where you glue the ribbon together is the place where you will attach other decorative items.

It can be a ribbon or a piece of cardboard that you can use to stick ribbons, beads and flowers to. This is your foundation. It should look solid and reliable.

Refrain from sticking too many items to the capias foundation. You may make it too heavy or it fall apart in the middle of the party. Balance is very important. Have one dominant element and several supportive ones. Too many large and prominent decorative items will look tasteless.

Bridal shower capias are beautiful wedding shower decorative items. You can give those to guests or you can decorate favors with them. Making capias is relatively simple and if you want the creative freedom, you should give that process a try.

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