Bridal Shower Candy Ideas

Candy is sweet, candy is colorful and it certainly is lots of fun. Why not use candy in the bridal shower that you are organizing? You can certainly find the right application and the best way to use candies in the event.

Fortunately, many companies have recognized the potential of candies both in terms of food and decoration. You can choose among hundreds of types, colors and flavors.

If you want to somehow incorporate candy in the bridal shower, you can make use of the following simple and very effective ideas.

Use Candy as Bridal Shower Favors
Bridal shower favors are the fun little gifts that all guests will take home as a souvenir from the event they just attended.

Candies are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to bridal shower favors. Though they are edible, candies can also be preserved and displayed.

You can make personalized candy favors. Personalization starts from the candy wrapper. You can have a special picture printed on it. Another option is to list the name of the bride-to-be and the date on which the shower took place.

Many decoration and wedding accessory companies make personalized candies and candy wrappers. If you want to make something fun and special when it comes to favors, personalized candies are a very nice option.

Bridal Shower Candy Buffet
Candy can also be important part of the bridal shower menu. Candy buffets are turning into a major hit because they are colorful and fun. In addition, everyone loves the taste of candy and having tens of types to choose from will certainly be a pleasant surprise.

You will certainly have to include the favorite candies of the bride-to-be. Try to arrange various types on the buffet table. Having a little amount of candies will spoil the fun.

Choose different tastes and different colors. This way, your table will look very good without needing additional decorations. Put small labels in front of each bowl, informing guests what types of candies they will be trying.

Candy-Themed Bridal Showers
Your bridal shower could even have candy as its main theme.

To make centerpieces, get glass bows, glasses or vases. Fill those with candies in various colors. You can even scatter candies around this table centerpiece.

Other decorations, including tableware and table clothes need to come in similar colors. Try to keep everything in pastel, soft shades. Colors that are too obtrusive may turn your stylish decorations into something that is less appealing.

Make candy-colored cupcakes and desserts that correspond to the theme. You have no limitations when it comes to the food. To put emphasis on the theme, you can have a candy decorated bridal shower cake.

Numerous candy-related games and activities are available, as well. A simple web search will give you dozens of ideas about party activities and ice-breakers that involve the usage of candies.

You can easily incorporate candy in each aspect of the bridal shower. Remember that this theme will be more colorful and naïve than some people would prefer. If you are expecting the presence of the bride-to-be’s coworkers and business partners, you may consider a more serious and elegant theme. Candy-themed bridal showers are best for small gatherings of younger individuals.

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