Bridal Shower Candy Bar Game

A bridal shower has to be much fun, there are no two opinion about it. Games and activities will make the magic happen. These are needed to help everyone feel comfortable and to break the ice.

Some bridal shower games can be purchased from party supply stores. These come with detailed instructions and beautiful accessories.

Yet, a more entertaining option exists. You can work on the bridal shower games yourself. The ones that are prepared at home will be more entertaining and more personalized. Such games have the potential to be much more successful than store-bought activities.

The bridal shower candy bar game is one such fun activity. Here are the rules and basic preparations needed for the game to be played.

Bridal Shower Candy Bar Game Rules
Several ways to play the candy bar game exist. The easiest one challenges the memory and creativity of guests.

Have a large board and divide it into rows and columns. The number of rows and columns depends on the number of candy bars you have purchased. Use double sided tape or glue to stick a candy bar to each square.

Candy bars have to be selected to correspond to a specific wedding phrase. For example, The Groom could be represented by a Big Hunk bar.

Distribute pieces of paper and pens to all of the guests. Start reading out the phrases you have chosen to correspond to the candy bars. Guests will have to guess the name of each candy bar associated to a specific wedding phrase.

As with all other games, the person who gets most phrases right becomes the winner of the game. The award could be a gift basket containing all of the candy bars that were used during the game.

Candy Bar Game Phrases
Many websites offer bridal shower candy bar game cards that can be printed out and used to organize this fun activity. You can come up with the matches on your own, as well. It takes a bit of creativity and some sense of humor to select the best phrase and the candy bar that corresponds to it.

To get started, you can use the following phrases. Purchase their candy bars and have fun organizing the game:

The Groom – Big Hunk
The Bride – Hot Tamales
Nine Months After the Honeymoon – Baby Ruth
Bride and Groom – Twix
The Parents – Lifesavers
The Reception – 100 Grand
What did the bride say during the first honeymoon night – O’Henry
Bank account after the wedding – Zero
First months of living together – Rocky Road
Honeymoon – Good and Plenty

Select candy bars that are relatively easy to find – some of these could turn into a challenge. The number of phrases to choose depends entirely on your preferences and the duration of the game that you want to have.

The bridal shower candy bar game is one of the easiest ways to keep guests entertained. The fact that it is so easy to organize turns it into a favorite for many hostesses that are looking for inexpensive and truly enjoyable party fun.

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