Bridal Shower Candles and Candle Decorating Ideas

Nothing could be more romantic than the site of lit candles, flowers and ribbons. Candle flames add a degree of tenderness and warmth that no other decoration can produce.

Are candles appropriate for a bridal shower? It really depends on the manner in which these are used in combination with other decorations. Candlelit centerpieces will certainly be stylish and beautiful.

Candle Centerpieces

Candles can be used in the table centerpieces to make the atmosphere more cozy and intimate.

Make sure that the color of the candles matches the colors of flowers and ribbons used in the centerpieces. For best results, select candles in the wedding colors.

A single candle is sufficient per centerpiece. Refrain from having too many of them. Try to achieve a balance between all types of decoration items so that the centerpieces appear stylish instead of cluttered.

You can select among various candle options. If you want to keep it classical, stick to traditional, white candles. In case you are thinking for something more innovative or fresh, you can purchase candles in more eccentric colors and shapes.

Floating Candles as Bridal Shower Decorations

Floating candles are very beautiful and usually inexpensive. If you are an artistic person, you can create these yourself.

The addition of floating candle table decorations will help you achieve the special snug atmosphere that will enable guests to relax and have fun.

Floating candles combine well with flowers. These can in fact be added to the bottom of the dish, thus turning it into an extraordinary piece of jewelry.

Scented Candles

If you are thinking about something more exotic, you can select scented candles for the bridal shower.

Remember that each scent has the power to affect human emotions. Lavender can relax the guests, while the smell of citrus fruits is energizing.

The scent you choose needs to be unobtrusive and delicate. Strong smells like sandal wood are inappropriate, since some of the guests might be uneasy about such aromas.

How Much is Too Much?

A romantic evening for two can feature hundreds of candles. A bridal shower cannot. You must know how much is too much in order to keep the party classy.

Refrain from overdoing it in terms of candles. More is less. Candles are easy to notice. One candle per centerpiece is perfectly satisfactory. Several candles can be positioned in the hallway. This is just what you need. Keep the number of candles used small.

Safety Comes First

Make sure that the candle decorations are positioned in a safe manner. Though the chance of fire getting started is relatively small, you should make certain that all needed precautions have been taken.

Place candles so that they are away from flammable materials like paper. Make sure that they are held in place. Otherwise, you risk having a candle tilted or falling down, which increases the chance of an incident occurring.

Candles can be very effective and spectacular when it comes to a bridal shower. Remember to use them sparingly. Several large candles can be much more impressive than a myriad of smaller ones.

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