Bridal Shower Candle Ideas

Favor items befitting your special and historical bridal shower party are literally endless. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a particular favor item to gift to the guests, it is hardly surprising that many people find it to be a rather perplexing and time-consuming experience. When you are facing this dilemma, candles can be included in your list of favor items. The elegant nature and aromatic scent of a candle never fails to bring out a smile on one’s face. Besides their aesthetic appeal, the soothing properties of a candle will help you to relax and unwind after a long day’s of work and other daily commitments. Giving out candle favors at the bridal shower party will surely be well received by anyone ranging from family members, guests and friends. If you are planning to incorporate candles into your list of favors, here are some ideas and tips that will make them a standout and memorable.

In order to ensure that your candle favors contrast and complement the overall tone and mood of the bridal shower party, your candle favors can be based on one or several important factors of bridal showers. Some important factors of a general bridal shower party include the theme, venue, color scheme among others. The theme is one of the most important aspects of a bridal shower party as it subtly sets down the tone and atmosphere.

Basing your candle favors on the theme is a good route to take as it literally provides you with an unlimited number of choices, varieties and options. For instance, if the theme of the bridal shower party is ‘Garden’ your candle favors can be those that reflect the serene beauty and elegance of nature. Your list of ideal candle favors can include different types and colors of floral candles, bird case party candle holder, honey-scented beehive candles, mini-lantern candles, candles shaped as fruits and vegetables, mountain candles, bird candles, flower pot candles, tree candles and various others. The list of possibilities is virtually limitless. Keeping the theme and concept of ‘Garden’ in mind, it would be a great idea if you present your candle favors in a festive recycling bag adorned with stickers of multi colored candles and candle clip arts.

Basing your candle favors on the location of the bridal shower party is also a great idea as it similarly provides you with a vast number of candle favor ideas to select from. For instance, if the location of the bridal shower party is taking place in a beach, candle favors are numerous. Starfish candles, sea shell candles, palm tree candles, flip flop candles, blue glass sailboat candle holders, luminous mini lantern bridal shower favors, sand and sea shell candle holder, blue dolphin glitter candles are just some of the numerous candle favors available at your disposal if the location is a beach.

Candles make for some beautiful and elegant bridal shower favors that are sure to light up the guest’s day.

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