Bridal Shower Camping Theme

A bridal shower camping theme will be great if the bride-to-be and her fiancé love to go camping. This party can create very intimate atmosphere, giving ladies a chance to have exceptionally good time.

Organizing a camping-themed bridal shower is a relatively easy task. Once you have selected the right venue, you have some little additional tasks to take care of.

If the weather is poor, the camping bridal shower can be held indoor but the atmosphere will be different. Try to organize this type of bridal shower during sunny, warm days that permit for open air fun.

Hold It Outdoors
To hold the bridal shower camping outdoor, you will have to choose the best place. You can certainly take the ladies camping but some of them will feel uncomfortable with sleeping in a tent and spending too much time in nature.

A back yard, a garden or a place in nature that is readily accessible will all turn into great bridal shower venues. Choose a place that will be easy for people to get to and that you can transport food and decorations to.

If you have to hold the party indoor, choose a venue that resembles a mountain hut. A fireplace will set the right mood and is a must, if you want guests to feel that camping-type seclusion nature has to offer.

Food Selection
Choose foods that are suitable for a camping. You will be starting a camp fire and you can use it to prepare some of the food for the party, while the ladies are telling each other fun stories.

Sausages are an excellent camping option. Have several types of salads prepared in advance. The same applies to sandwiches – these will be both aesthetically pleasing and adding some diversity to your buffet.

Grilled meat is something else that you can have cooking while the party is taking place. Have a fun barbeque and get the guests participating in food preparation.

Beverage selection could include fresh juices, beer, wine and sodas. Refrain from overdoing it – a camping menu is usually relatively simple and the main emphasis is placed on the experience itself rather than on the food.

Games and Activities
You will have to do very little, in order to set the mood. Nature itself will provide you with everything needed to make the theme happen. Games and activities are more important for a camping bridal shower than the decorations.

Starting the camping fire could be the first fun project that guests will enjoy together. Of course, you can have the fire started before the party begins, in order to make it easier for guests to accept the theme.

Have everyone seated around the camp fire. If you have someone who can play the guitar among the guests, you can start singing songs by the camp fire. This is always fun.

The fire and the proximity that the camping theme creates can be used to get guests to know each other better. You can focus on ice breakers like Two Truths and a Lie. This is a very easy and simple game. Have each of the ladies make three personal statements. Two have to be true and one should be a lie. The lady sitting next to the one telling the stories will have to guess the personal statement that is made up.

A bridal shower camping theme is a fun and easy idea. Enjoy putting the party together and keep your focus on activities. Decorations will be needless and the menu remains rather simple.

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