Bridal shower calla lily theme

Magnificent beauty – this is the symbolic meaning of calla lilies. Throughout time, calla lilies have played an important role in various cultures. Romans saw them as a symbol of life and light.

For Christians, calla lilies are associated to purity and innocence. No wonder why these flowers are so popular in bridal showers.

If you want to hold a sophisticated and elegant party, have a calla lily-themed bridal shower. Companies have recognized the popularity of this symbol and are already creating decoration items and dinnerware featuring the image of the beautiful calla lily.

Calla Lily Bridal Shower Tableware

Tableware plays an important role when it comes to setting the ambiance.

Each item on the table can be used to emphasize the theme. Calla lily plates and glasses are available in a number of shapes and styles.
Additional dinnerware items that you can make use of include wine accessories, napkins, bowls and tea cups. This abundance will let you find a calla lily-themed set for every type of bridal shower.

Calla Lily Candles and Candle Holders

Calla lily candles will make the atmosphere even more elegant and sophisticated.

A diversity of candles is available. Some of these are beautifully shaped in the form of a calla lily, others have the flower printed upon them. Scented candles are even more appropriate. They have a delicate floral aroma.

Candle holders in the shape of calla lilies can be introduced, as well. These can be used to hold a plain and elegant white candle.

Calla lilies can be placed on each table. A line of candles or a centerpiece containing several candles has the power to influence and make the atmosphere cozier and more charming.

Calla Lily Garden Bridal Shower

The calla lily flower is so beautiful that it can be used as the sole decoration for your bridal shower.

Holding a garden bridal shower is a very appropriate idea. Have the garden decorated with live flowers – calla lilies, roses and tulips. A combination of beautiful white flowers will make the event very stylish.

If you want to make the party even better, you can make your guests dress in white. This uniformity in color will add to the calla lily theme’s appeal.

Calla Lily Souvenirs for the Guests

Calla lily bridal shower souvenirs will be something fun and memorable for your guests to take home.

Luckily enough, each bride-to-be can select among a large diversity of calla lily shaped accessories. Jewelry boxes, key chains, photo albums and bottle stoppers are just several options.

These items can be personalized to be even more attractive. Add a message or your name and the date of the party to give all of the guests something to remember.

A calla lily-themed bridal shower is something traditional and beautiful. You can utilize the theme to have an amazing event. Each bride-to-be can select among various calla lily decorations that will enforce the theme. Start with the decorations and introduce the theme to every tiny aspect of the celebration.

If you are looking for something traditional yet distinguishable, you should go ahead and adopt a calla lily theme. The flower can also be used in terms of wedding decorations, which will increase the connection between the two events.

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