Bridal Shower Calendar Theme

Every bridal shower hostess is looking for unusual and original party ideas and themes. Coming up with something great and unconventional could be quite a challenge in a world where nearly everything has already been thought of.

Bridal shower themes are one area that has seen serious development over the past few years. New ideas were added and the abundance today is tremendous.

If you are looking for an original and intriguing bridal shower theme that will get guests involved, you can go for a calendar bridal shower. This is a very fun and entertaining option that everybody will enjoy.

What is a Calendar Themed Bridal Shower?
A calendar-themed bridal shower gives guests a chance to be very creative and original.

In its essence, the party represents the calendar. Each guest is assigned a specific month of the year. This is usually done through the invitation. The month will be determining when it comes to the selection of bridal shower gifts.

For example, a guest who receives January as the calendar assignment, will have to bring some winter-related bridal shower present. It can be skiing and winter sports accessories, if the bride-to-be is an athletic person. Another suitable gift will focus on hot drinks and tea making.

The theme is very intriguing, since it provides the bride-to-be with presents that can be used year-round. Guests will also enjoy the challenge of picking the most original gift connected to a specific month.

Calendar Bridal Shower Invitations
Bridal shower invitation etiquette asks for the theme of the party to be presented as soon as guests learn about the upcoming party.

Provide information about the venue, date, dress code (if you plan on having such) and month that the guest is assigned. Traditionally, the bridal shower invitation cannot ask openly for the purchase of gifts. It can solely hint towards items that the bride-to-be will need or enjoy.

Choose visuals that speak of the seasons and that will make it even clearer what the party theme is all about. You can have a snowflake next to a blossoming tulip and a red autumn leaf. Try to have one main visual that will compliment the text and increase the appeal of the invitation.

The invitation could even have a calendar printed on it. Use it in a creative way to provide all of the essential information.

The Calendar Party
A calendar-themed bridal shower gives you significant decoration selection freedom. You have so many opportunities to choose among.

Once again, you can still to the symbols connected to each season. For best results, provide four types of decorations – one part of the venue should be dedicated to spring, another to summer and the other two should present autumn and winter.

Have specific decorations positioned on each table. Make use of the calendar once again – you can create beautiful table centerpieces.

Have guests seated in the specific sector on the basis of the month each one was assigned. People will have more fun this way.

A calendar bridal shower will demand significant decorations effort but the final result will be so attractive that you will enjoy every step of the way. The party is highly interactive and a great idea if you want to create something more unusual and engaging than the traditional pre-wedding party for ladies.

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