Ideas for Bridal Shower Cake Toppers

The bridal shower cake topper is the one aspect of the party that can let you unleash your creative powers and present a special message.

You have numerous options when it comes to the selection of the cake topper. It can be traditional or it can be eccentric. The topper could symbolize the love of the bride-to-be for her groom or the relationship she has with her closest friends.

Cake toppers provide you with relative freedom in terms of theme and design. You can have nearly everything presented on that cake, as long as it will make the bride-to-be and her bridal shower guests happy.

Go for Something Traditional

A traditional bridal shower cake can have a bride presented on top of it.

A bride-shaped topper is beautiful and trendy. It will never go out of fashion – after all, this is what the event is all about.

You have relative freedom in terms of what the bride on the topper could be doing. She could be holding a bouquet, waiting to get married. She could be unwrapping gifts that she just received from friends. The choice is yours.

Romance-Related Cake Topper

A cake topper that is dedicated to love and romance will also be very appropriate, especially if the bride is a dreamy person.

Two white doves or hearts can make each lady melt. Any other symbol of love – a rose, a cupid or love birds will all fall under the theme.

Be bold enough to experiment with a traditional theme, turning it into something modern and eccentric. Do not feel pressured to create a traditional and widely accepted cake topper. If you are certain that the bride-to-be will like it, you can go for any idea, no matter how unusual it seems.

Related to the Bridal Shower Theme

If you want to run away from traditional symbolism, you can have a cake topper that is related to the bridal shower theme.

Have the Eiffel tower appearing on top of the cake, if the bridal shower is Paris-themed. A beach-themed bridal shower can result in sea shell cake decorations. If the theme of the bridal shower is pink, you will know what to have on top of the cake – a heart, a pink rose or a pink gift.

Personalized Cake Toppers

Many sweet shops provide you with the chance to have a personalized cake topper, dedicated especially to the bride-to-be and her guests.

The topper could come in the form of a parchment. It can have slogans about love written on it.

A personalized cake topper can also be dedicated to the bride’s favorite activities – music, sports or photography. Choose something that holds special meaning for that special lady and turn it into a witty and beautiful cake topper.

The cake topper can represent the bridal shower itself. Once you know what decorations will be used, draw a sketch to represent the room and use that for the creation of the unique bridal shower cake.

A bridal shower cake topper can be nearly anything. It can be a pile of gifts, a figure of the groom or the faces of the bride-to-be’s best friends. Be very original when it comes to the selection of the cake topper. If the bride can handle it, use your sense of humor. If not, go for a traditional theme. Make the cake pretty and one of a kind to give the event an extra special touch.

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