Bridal shower cake design ideas

You have amazing freedom when it comes to the selection of the bridal shower cake design. It can be nearly anything that you can imagine and envision as a cake decoration.

Bridal shower cakes give you the chance to shine in terms of creativity and originality. Use your knowledge of the bride, her character, hobbies and preferences to come up with the most appropriate and attractive cake design.

Cake designs appropriate for a bridal shower range from traditional and love-centered to more odd and modernistic ideas. If you can think of it, you can use it as the design for your one of a kind cake.


Flower designs will never run out of fashion.

You can use any flower design to decorate the bridal shower cake, especially if the icing is white.

A cake that has several layers will look exceptional when covered in roses or other flowers. The flowers could either be made of sugar or for a change, you can use fresh flowers to decorate the cake.

Keep in mind that the flower pattern you select needs to correspond to the colors of the bridal shower decorations. Such cakes will look elegant and stylish amidst the wonderful gathering of ladies.

Romance in the Cake Design

Romantic cake designs are very appropriate. Each bride will be happy to see a pattern or a design that celebrates her love and makes it known to the world.

Romance can be evident in the shape of the cake, in the color and decorations. A heart-shaped cake covered in white icing and decorative hearts will look beautiful. You can also use red rose patterns or love birds to symbolize the emotions that the bride-to-be and her groom are experiencing.

The design can be even more complicated, featuring a cake topper or a complex print. It can be the figures of a bride and a groom, a cupid or a young woman eagerly awaiting to get married.

Love is probably one of the best themes for a bridal shower cake. Use any symbol or love-related pattern to decorate the cake and to turn it into a romantic celebration.

Color and Design

The design’s color has to be selected carefully.

Pick shades and tones that match well with the colors of the bridal shower decorations. You can also rely on contrast but it must be chosen tastefully.

A white cake with decorations or patterns in the color of the party banners and centerpieces will be most elegant and beautiful. Though you will have to put some effort in discovering the perfect shades, the result will be entirely worth it.

Theme Based or More Abstract?

If you run out of design ideas or in case you are uncertain, use a design that follows the bridal shower theme. Using such designs is suitable, as the cake will fit in well and will enhance the atmosphere.

You can also select a cake design that incorporates the bride’s character or her favorite activities. If she loves traveling, you can use symbols that correspond to her most preferred destinations. In case she is attracted to the marine world, you can come up with a sea shell cake design.

Be creative and experiment with the cake. It will look good if you select a traditional design and it will be beautiful if you choose something more abstract and unusual. Try to think of the bride-to-be and her personality. This is the best way to select a lovely bridal shower cake design.

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