Café Themed Bridal Shower

Coffee is a favorite drinks of many people. If the bride-to-be, whose wedding shower you are planning, adores the aromatic drink, you can organize a café themed party.

The café or coffee house themed bridal shower has one main emphasis that is easy to guess. You have several options when choosing venue and thinking about decorations, menu and bridal shower favors.

The easiest option is to take the bridal shower to a real café. Having a coffee house at home will be a bit more challenging but your guests will feel more comfortable exploring various types of coffee drinks.

Venue Selection
If you lack the time to prepare, decorate and plan the shower, you can take it to a real café. This option has several advantages. Other people will be responsible for making drinks and food and these professionals will guarantee excellent outcome.

Visit local coffee shops and inquire whether these can be booked for the bridal shower date.

An alternative that you have is staging the bridal shower at home. You will have to do some more work but this shower has the potential to turn into huge success. In essence, you will have to recreate the café atmosphere at home. Think about the most specific aspects and focus on those.

Create the Right Atmosphere
Holding a café themed bridal shower at home signifies working on the settings and the decorations.

You will first need to get tables that resemble the comfortable and welcoming furniture in actual cafés. Holding the bridal shower in a garden will make it even lovelier and more relaxing.

The next piece you need to get is a high quality coffee machine. Try to find one that could make different types of coffee – espresso, cappuccino, ice coffee or decaffeinated coffee. Diversity is of key importance.

The scent of coffee itself will help you set the mood. You need very limited amounts of decorations to make the magic happen. A beautiful flower centerpiece on each table will be sufficient.

Menu and Drinks
The food and drink selection is probably the most important aspect of the café bridal shower.

A good coffee machine or several of those are a must. You can either give guests the chance to make their own drinks or you can hire professionals who will be responsible for the creation of more complicated coffee mixes.

You will also have to include a selection of foods that is suitable for a café. Finger sandwiches, brownies, cookies, cheesecake and a beautiful wedding cake will be sufficient. If you want to, you can focus solely on desserts and sweet options.

Bridal Shower Favors
The bridal shower favors that guests will receive should be café themed, as well. A coffee jar or a coffee mug is a wonderful option. Personalize it to have the date of the bridal shower and the name of the bride-to-be written on the surface.

Personalized bridal shower cappuccino or hot cocoa mix is another amazing favor idea. You can also have coffee china, coffee scoops or even a traditional coffee pot. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

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