Bridal Shower Butterfly Theme

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and beauty. The manner in which it gets born to flight serves as a true inspiration. The bridal shower butterfly theme is one of the most elegant and enticing ways to hold this all-lady gathering.

A butterfly theme can make use of various decorations and beautiful items that will add to the appeal of the party. It will be delicate, colorful and very feminine.

Choose the right decorations, foods and bridal shower favors to make the theme happen. Here are several practical and aesthetically pleasing ideas.

Butterflies everywhere! Turn the place into a butterfly garden. Holding the party outdoors will make your decorations even more enticing and effective. The greenery will provide natural surroundings for your butterfly theme to come to reality.

You can have beautiful paper butterflies stuck to the walls, curtains and ceilings. Make sure these are of matching colors. Otherwise, you risk mixing too many shades and diverting attention away from the important party aspects.

Flower centerpieces for each table will add some more elegance to the atmosphere. Choose flowers of matching colors that will either compliment or contrast the other decoration tones you have chosen.

Butterflies can be resting on the flower centerpieces, as well. You can even get candles in the form of a butterfly to enhance the theme. The same applies to the napkins you pick.

Refrain from overdoing it. You would like to keep the atmosphere stylish. Too many decorative elements and an overabundance of colors will affect your party decorations in a negative manner.

Food and Buffet
Food selection and the buffet decoration and order will enhance your natural theme, as well.

Pick foods in a specific shape. Cookie cutters can be used to change the appearance of nearly every item in the menu. Butterfly-shaped finger sandwiches, cheeses and cookies are just several intriguing options you have.

Colorful cocktails in the same shades as the decorations will look both appetizing and fitting within the theme. Decorate those with fruit pieces cut in butterfly shapes or even paper-made butterflies. A cocktail glass will appear very enticing and original this way.

You can create entire landscapes out of food. Carved fruits and vegetables can easily turn into a flower garden that is the home of colorful butterflies. To create such arrangements, you may need the help of professional caterers.

Bridal Shower Butterfly Favors
All kinds of favors can be customized to address the theme through the use of butterfly-decorated wrapping paper. If you are looking for something more original, you can have the favors themselves cut in a specific shape.

You have so many options to choose from. Candles in the shape of butterflies, key chains, fridge magnets, soaps and bottle stoppers. Party supply stores offer favors that have been created to be appropriate for nearly any theme.

A butterfly themed bridal shower will be a true pleasure to organize. It looks great, it is very gentle and suitable for an all-female gathering. This theme gives you the chance to unleash your imagination and to bring to reality all of the beautiful ideas you have. Enjoy the process and your party will certainly look tremendous.

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